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MMA Mats

Maybe Not Zebra Mats But Still Great Gym Mats

Our MMA mats are Maybe not Zebra mats but still great gym mats. Our MMA mats are quality mats which are made using quality material. They are just a different brand which doesn’t make them different quality. The are MMA and other schools through out the country that use our mats in their gyms and training centres. You should consider using them as well.

Different Types of Mats Suppliers

There are all sorts of mats suppliers out there supplying all sorts of mats. When it comes to protective mats a large segment is for children mats. That is because when parents first have kids they are petrified that something is going to happen to their baby. They see it trying to walk and falling on its butt so often they can’t help but think that it will cause them damage. That is why EVA play mats are so popular and by extension EVA mats. Indeed EVA mats are to most popular mats when it comes to kids mats. This is primarily because they are so inexpensive and readily available. There is a whole industry revolving around supplying parents with goods for their new born. This naturally this includes EVA mats.


What are EVA Mats?

It is a fact that martial arts EVA mats area very sort after mat. EVA jigsaw mats are the number one selling martial arts mats on the market. They are number one for martial arts for many of the same reasons that they are for kids mats. EVA mats ready available to buy. They are inexpensive which make them ideal for people how are on a budget and just need good martial arts mats for their gym. Also they are pretty durable so you know they will last for years to come. If you were to visit any number of martial arts schools across this country you would be likely to find EVA mats in use.


Premium Training Mats & MMA Mats

Sometimes though people are looking for a premium type of mat. In those cases they might want to go with vinyl mats. Vinyl mats such as Zebra Mats are higher up when you think about martial arts mats. They are the type of mats that you would find at a UFC gym or professional MMA gym. These kind of MMA mats are great for other activities but you will generally find them being used by professional organisations.  The good news is that you don’t have to fork out the amount you would normal for these kinds of mats. These days there are great suppliers out there of vinyl mats that don’t come with the excessive price tag. You would want to make sure that the mats are good though and asking for a sample is recommended before buying.



Jon Jones beat Thiago Santos at UFC 239

Jon Jones Beat Thiago Santos at UFC 239

It was hardly a vintage Jon Jones performance. In what was probably one of the most lackluster efforts in his long reign as UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones beat Thiago Santos. Although there didn’t seem to be much separating the two fighters in the end Jones was able to come away with a split decision to retain his title at UFC 239.

Despite being a hard fought victory, Jones set a UFC record for the longest unbeaten streak at 17 wins. This sure will serve to cement Jones’ reputation as the best fighter in UFC history. Even if not everyone thinks so. Some believe that the best fighter in UFC history is Fo Man Chu from the Shaolin School of Divinity. Much of the training there is done on jigsaw mats and EVA mats which are renown for breeding superior MMA 

What is interesting about the fight with Santos is that Jones never really went for a takedown. He did not utilise his superior wrestling. It makes one wonder does he need to join the Shaolin School of Divinity and train on their famed jigsaw mats and EVA mats. Certainly something to consider. “Don’t you think Jonesy?”

Bottom line though is that Jon Jones Beat Thiago Santos at UFC 239!

Trumps Tariffs

Market Watch EVA Mats

Market Watch EVA Mats. The AUD ended the week mostly on  a positive note.  The release of AU employment numbers helped prop up the dollar which has been under pressure lately. The figure showed the economy added 39K jobs and the unemployment rate held steady at 5.0%. The news saw the AUD rally initially but it ended the day down.

The beginning of the week has seen the Australian dollar rallied after President Donald Trump said that America will postpone applying further tariffs on $200bn of Chinese goods. Trump cited“substantial progress” in trade talks between the two countries as the reason for this. This intern has been the Chinese and American stock markets rally. The lift in commodity priced also had a positive effect on the AUD.

All of this has had a positive effect on the prices of EVA mats. The price of EVA mats effected by the price of commodities and raw materials that go into it’s production. Also any erection of trade barriers or increase in tariffs is bound to have an effect on EVA mat pricing due to its influence on the rate of the AUD versus the USD.

Join us next time for Market Watch EVA Mats.

Wall Mats Combined with EVA Mats

Wall Mats Combined With EVA Mats

When looking at setting up a home or professional gym there is nothing better than wall mats combined with EVA foam mats. Whilst people remember to buy protective covering for their floors they often neglect the wall. This can be a big mistake when you need it the most.

But don’t think that wall mats are just for kick boxing gyms and martial arts studios. Wall mats are practical for both sporting and none sporting activities. Wall padding is also useful in situation where people are likely to bump into walls and therefore injuring themselves. Whether is be a tight walking area or for a person with a condition which makes them susceptible to injury through collision with a wall.

If you need to plan an area for protection against collision our expects are more than happy to help.  Wall mats combined with EVA mats is our specialty.

Lemieux Stops O'Sullivan

Canadian David Lemieux Stops Gary O’Sullivan on the Mats

Canadian David Lemieux was victorious in the first round of his fight with Ireland’s Gary O’Sullivan after a savage left hook that left the Irish fighter on the eva mat.

Lemieux was not happy after O’Sullivan team’s talked trash in the lead up to the fight. He gave them an emphatic response with his victory.

In reponse to the trash talking Lemieux said “Don’t p*** me off guys,”. “I guess the message must be clear, I don’t like the trash talking at all that was done to me from O’Sullivan’s side so I kept it in me and I put to the right timing.

“I’m a respectable fighter, I come in the ring, I don’t disrespect my opponents, I train hard, I don’t trash talk and I respect that kind of behaviour.

“I felt great, I’m in superb shape. I gave you all a great knockout and a great event so I hope you’re all happy.”

Lemieux had previously fought Gennady Golovkin in 2015, said he’d like another shot at the champion. He would also like a shot at Alvarez he confirmed. Boxing ring generally use canvas but jigsaw mats are also used in some gym setups.

“I’m not rooting for anybody, I want to fight both of them,” he said in the post-bout interview.

“I think it’s a 50-50 chance fight. Canelo is an excellent boxer, so is Golovkin. It’s going to be an interesting fight”.

As it is Canelo went on to beat Golovkin via decision. In what was a very competitive fight the two of the three judges gave it to Canelo 115-113. It gave Alvarez the title via majority decision with the third judge scored it a 114-114 draw.

The fight was widely seen as a great fight with both fighters giving it their all. There is already talk of another Alvarez vs Canelo fight in the future to continue the rivalry. Both fighter would be wise to get back on their gym mats and training their hearts out until the next competition. Any fighter worth their weight in gold would spend most of their time training in their gym on their gym mats.


Trumps Tariffs

Trump’s Two Hundred Billion Dollar Tariffs And Gym Mats

There are two hundred billion reasons that Donald Trumps tariffs on China could cause the price of gym mats to rise in Australia. President Trump has vowed to put in place a new round of Chinese goods imported into America if the communist country doesn’t curtail unfair trade practices. Although the Chinese government denies such practices exist the Trump administration is adamant that such tariffs with be applied in the not too distance future.

As we already know most low technology items are now manufactured in China and the Asia region. This also includes gym mats such as jigsaw mats, foam mats, interlocking mats and EVA mats. If tariffs were to by place on the gym mats then there is a real possibility that it could raise the prices on gym mats in Australia. The world economy is intertwined so any economic stock in one region is likely to have an effect in another. Australia is not immune to this reality and it is something to be expected if the current trade conflict between the world’s two largest economies continues.

Effects on gym mats pricing by falling dollar

One of the potential effects that one can expect on pricing is the effect it has had on the Australian dollar. The Australian dollar has already fallen by over 5% since the trade war began and there is a chance that it could fall further. The reason for the fall is not only due to loss investor fleeing to the safety of the USD. It is also because the Australian economy is tightly aligned with the Chinese economy so any threat to the Chinese market translates to being threatening to the Australian market. As we know China buys a lot of resources from Australia and in turn Australia buys heaps of manufactured goods from China such as jigsaw mats and foam mats. Indeed the raw materials that goes into making a jigsaw mats most likely come from Australia.

Rising Costs of Raw Material

The tariffs being proposed by both player in this trade war can also have an impact on raw material pricing. As the Chinese seek to limit the import of raw material from the US it has a tendency to drive up the price of raw material for other countries. By placing barriers on those material supplied my mines and wells in America it means that those coming from other markets are in more demand. This is because China is by far the largest consumer of raw material in the world so disruption in supply chains will invariably have an effect on pricing. As such raw material necessary for the manufacture of various gym mats become more expensive which are then passed on to the consumers.

Note feature image supplies by friendlystock.com

The Brazilian Flag

Lyoto Machida Defeats Vitor Belfont at UFC 224:

In what was a brilliant display of fighting between two veteran Brazilian fighters Lyoto Machida Defeats Vitor Belfont via TKO in the the second round of their title fight at UFC 224. The win came via head kick by the karate expert which is a signature kick for him. The loss was Belfont’s final fight as he took of his gloves and put them in the centre of the ring as a symbolic gesture. Although it might not end his days on EVA mats in a training capacity, it will surely be his last time in the ring.

Lyoto on the other hand will most likely continue to fight even though he is no spring chicken at the tender age of 39. Lyoto has been a UFC fighter for some years now. He previously fought in the light heavy weight division but dropped down to middle weight for this fight. Lyoto is no stranger to the tatami mats having trained in Shotokan Karate before moving on to sumo, and BJJ amongths other arts. He has a distinctive style which is easily distinguishable from other MMA fighters.

Lyoto’s next fight has not been finalised but he was immediately called out by Michael Bisping following his victory which would make for an interesting match up.


Lyoto Machida Defeats Vitor Belfont

Lyoto Machida Defeats Vitor Belfont

Abu Dhabi Pros MMA Mats

Abu Dhabi Pro Use MMA Mats

The Abu Dhabi World Jiu-Jitsu Youth Championship were held from April 22 and 23 in UAE, while the Abu Dhabi World Professional Championship kicked off on April 24. The event started with a big opening ceremony and was accompanied by the King of Mats competitions. The event continued until April 27 and was followed by the final round of the black and brown belts.  The Abu Dhabi Pros  then came to an end on April 29 with the Abu Dhabi World Award ceremony.

Judo Championships and Abu Dhabi

What is interesting to note is that the Abu Dhabi used professional MMA mats. While it was unclear where they were sourced they were absolutely professional mats which would have been great for rolling and general competition. The MMA mats, just like ours, have a smooth surface, which helps eliminate mat burn. This would have been especially welcomed by the participants. Most grappling competitions now use either smooth MMA mats of tatami mats as was evident in this years Judo Championships.

Eva Mats and Puzzle Mats

While many of the participant would train on EVA mats (also known as jigsaw puzzle mats) in their home countries they are generally no longer used in competitions like the Abu Dhabi Pros. The Abu Dhabi Pros are one of the largest BJJ competitions in the world. The other choice for many students of BJJ is just general jigsaw mats of exercise mats. Exercise mats are essential for practitioners of BJJ both professional and amateurs. For people aspiring to competitions like the Abu Dhabi Pros it is essential to utilise a good exercise mats when training in the gym.

Conor McGregor is a Goose

Conor McGegor in Trouble Over Alleged Assault

UFC champion and boxer Conor McGregor is in trouble over and apparent assault of a bus and fellow UFC fighters. News outlets first reported the incident at a Brooklyn Hotel last week where Conor and some other guys are accused of the attach. The incident must of be serious because McGregor later appeared in court over the incident. The UFC representative also expressed concern over the incident.

It is now questionable when Conor will return to the UFC. Apparently he had been negotiating a return to the MMA mats. What is sure is that he will need to spend more time training on him wrestling mats. It is certain to be of concern as one would have thought that he would be eager to return to the Octagon to make some more money. This delay and any court case is sure to be a costly exercise.

I guess the lesson to be learn here is that it is much better to spend your time on the training foam mats then it is mucking around with your friends. None the less he will certainly learn from his mistakes as he is presumably an adult with the capacity to learn.

Anyway we are all awaiting the conclusion of this fiasco as it will be interesting to see if Conor gets convicted (which could seriously effect his career) and whether the people he allegedly injured take him to the cleaner. With reports he make $100 Million from his fight with Mayweather he certainly has a lot to lose.


Black MMA Zebra Mat for martial arts and MMA

EVA Mats versus Judo Mats

There are many uses for training mats. It is easy to think that there only use is for martial arts which is why they are often referred to as martial arts mats. As mentioned in previous articles training mats can be used to training in many activities and are indeed present in many different fields. The question isn’t where they are used but why. The answer to that is more often then not as a form of protection against injury.

There are two main kinds of mats on offer which form the bulk of the training mats used by training organisations. They are EVA mats and judo mats. No particular mat is favoured by a particular activity rather there are many factories involved in which kind of mat an organisation choses to use. The reasons for which are as varied as the organisations that use them. First though it would be necessary to describe each kind of mat.

EVA Mats

Eva mats are probably the most common mat used by organisations as an anti-fatigue or protection mat. They are often referred to with a variety of names such as:

EVA refers to the material itself which is a form or plastic manufactured into a compressed foam. Having a structure like foam makes sure it has some ‘give’ which in effect gives it its absorbing qualities. As it is make from a form or plastic it is very easy and inexpensive to manufacture. It is also relatively light and can be manufactures easily in a number of different colours.

Judo Mats

Judo mats on the other hand are a combination of materials. In the middle you find compressed foam (not EVA) which is wrapped with a vinyl cover. The vinyl is durable and comes with a tatami finish. Judo mats can also come with a smooth finish but those mats are generally referred to as MMA mats. Judo mats also come with a rubber backing to help prevent them from sliding around during use. They are more expensive than EVA mats as the manufacturing process is more complex. Also they are more durable and easier to maintain.

What’s Best For Your Dojo?

So which mats are more suitable for training? Essential both kinds of mats are suitable for activities that require protection. They both have absorbing qualities and both are are popular choice. Which mat a particular organisation choses depends on personal preference. Criteria which are often considered when making a choice may include:

  • Budget
  • Durability required
  • Permanence of area for training
  • Etc

Clearly when looking at the characteristics of both judo mats and EVA mats it is obvious that they both have there appealing properties. It is these very properties which determine which mat any particular organisation decides to chose.

EVA Mats vs Judo Mats