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Alistair Overeem Beats Augusto Sakai At UFC Fight Night on The Mat

Like two lions battling it out Alistair Overeem and Augusto Sakai went at each other on the mat at UFC Fight Night. The two fought hard and fast but only one of them could come out the victor. That person was Overeem who prevailed with a TKO on the mat. Overeem used all his skill to come record his 47th win, 42 or which were stoppages. Alistair Overeem, who is a former K1 veteran, not only used his kick boxing skills but also takedowns to get Sakai in a position for some ground and pound.

Where Alistair goes from he is not know. He is surely going to find himself a Championship belt contended after winning four of his last five fights in the UFC. One thing is for sure is that he will head back to the tatami mats to continue his training. The only place a fighter like Overeem finds comfort is on tatami mats which is where all the hard work takes place to become a champion. One the mats is where you will find all MMA fighter readying themselves for their next fight.

I wonder who the UFC will pair up with Overeem next. Stipe Miocic, the current heavyweight champ, will probably fight Francis Ngannou next, although there is talk of him also maybe fighting Jon Jones. For his part Jone Jones is vacating the Light Heavyweight title and is moving up to heavyweight. That said is might be a few fights away for Overeem for a shot at the title. Even then he would have to continue winning fight. His best bet is to put in effort on the tatami mats to get his skill back to where it needs to be for him to get a shot at the UFC heavyweight title.

New Shipment of Fitness Mats and 30mm Jigsaw Mats

We are please to announce a new shipment has arrived of fitness mats and 30mm jigsaw mats to our Melbourne warehouse. As you all may very well know have have just moved into a new warehouse in Braeside in Melbourne. The new warehouse has given us a lot more room to move and opportunities to stock more mats. I have taken to the new opportunities with great enthusiasm and have ordered a lot of mats. Some would say I went a little overboard which is why we have four containers of fitness mats coming in the next month or so. That doesn’t even take into account what we have coming to Sydney.

Luckily we have a lot of customers that buy fitness mats from us. There is even a backlog of people needing 30mm jigsaw mats. It is great to see that the community is taking advantage of our pre-eminence as the leading supplier of fitness mats and particularly jigsaw mats in the Australia market. Indeed the name Ezy Mats has become synonymous with the work fitness mats. We are literally shipping out mats to all corners of this great land we live in.

Also coming in this containers are other size mats so you don’t have to worry. Once this container is unloaded and the next, our warehouse will literally be full of mats. That is great because we love to sell them and our customer love to buy them. It is a win win situation. Especially when you are Ezy Mats and people love buying your mats.

Visit James Sheedy Personal Defence Studio

It is alway good to get good feedback  from customers. It is even better when that great experience goes both ways. Iggy in the office had a great experience helping James out with his mats. He deserves fall credit for doing such a great job that he got the review below. We have also included some photos so you can see how great their gym looks:

To The Ezymats Team.

Thanks for your good service and product. We layed the mats today. Thought id send a photo. We still need to tidy up so will send some photos when complete. My student love them. You can check it out on our Facebook page, James Sheedy Personal Defence Studio. Thanks again.

James Sheedy 

Ezy Mats moves to new warehouse in Braeside

Ezy Mats Moves To Bigger and Better Warehouse

We are pleased to announce that Ezy Mats has moved to a bigger and better premises in the Melbourne suburb of Braeside. The move from Cheltenham to Braeside has been undertaken so that we can better service our customers with mats. The new warehouse is much larger than the old one. Also the offices are bigger for our staff and there is more parking. All this put together means that we will be able to grow our offerings and improve on the customer experience.

We have already started ordering additional stock to improve availability. We just received a shipment of yoga mats and have a 40′ container coming packed with EVA jigsaw mats. In time we will expand with other mats such as rubber gym mats and German made MMA mats and tatami mats. So we are very excited about the future of Ezy Mats and its sister company Southern Cross Mats. Our staff are also very pleased with the move as it is a nicer office and the suburb is better.

Foam mats fit together like foam mats which is why they also call them puzzle foam mats.

New Training Mats Shipments in Melbourne and Sydney

Ezy Mats are excited to announce that two new shipments of training mats have arrived in our Sydney and Melbourne warehouse. Customers will be ecstatic to know that they short wait for our mats was worth while and now they can get delivery of their mats. Whilst a large portion of the mats have been pre-sold there are still enough mats available for our other valued customers.

The mats to arrive in Melbourne were on a 40′ Container. The container was loaded with an assortment of jigsaw mats. We have all sizes in the container:

  • 20mm Jigsaw Mats
  • 30mm Jigsaw Mats
  • 40mm Jigsaw Mats
  • 40mm Tatami Jigsaw Mats

We have all the colour coming in:

  • Red & Blue
  • Red & Black
  • Black & Grey

The container has now been unloaded and is ready for delivery.

In Sydney we had a 20′ container. It was a top up shipment to our previous container which was 40′. In this container we only have black & grey jigsaw mats. They are”

  • 20mm Black & Grey
  • 40mm Black & Grey

Again a lot of these have been pre-sold but there are still some available for customers.

We constantly have containers arriving with new stock. Our next shipment which is currently in production will have tatami mats, wall mats and jigsaw mats. We are also looking at replenishing our MMA mats stock. But that is a secret project which we will surprise our customers with.

So whether you are looking at outfitting your home gym or professional premises look no further than Ezy Mats.

New Shipment of Hand Sanitiser Arrived in Melbourne

We are glad to announce that we have a new shipment of hand sanitiser that arrive in our Melbourne warehouse today. It is now unloaded and ready for dispatch. We have purchased a large range of bottle sizes which give customers a lot of options. Our range of hand sanitiser is great for use in your home, office, training centre or store. The size that we have in stock now include:

Specifications are:

  • Active Ingredient:75% ethyl alcohol.
  • Inactive Ingredients: Acrylic polymer, Glycerol, Aloe Vitamin E.
  • Ingredients label on back

Our hand sanitiser can come with our generic labels. They can also be labeled with your logo or message. Our sister company, Brand Republic, deals with personalisation of products. Personalisation is their specialty and is a great way to promote a brand.

Ezy Mats will continue to replenish its stock of hand sanitiser and other personal care products. We also stock anti-bacterial wipes which can also be labelled with a sticker.

Ezy Mats Now Has Hand Sanitiser Available For Your Gym

As we all pretty much know now this corona virus which originated in Wuhan China is having a massive impact in Australia and abroad. Due to measured designed to combat the virus thousands of businesses have had to shut down. This has included gyms and other training centres like martial arts schools for BJJ, tae kwon do and kung fu etc. The lock down is designed to limit social contact and therefore halt the spread of the virus.

Fortunately now the government is looking at lessening the restrictions to allow life to slowly get back to normal. To open though businesses will have to take measure to ensure the safety of their staff and clientele. Amongst those measure will be the availability of hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser is designed to kill germs and viruses on contact. It is that reason that it is believed to be effective against the corona (wuhan) virus or cover-19 as it is also know.

Ezymats now have hand sanitiser available for its customers. Although we have sold out of 1L bottles, we still have 5L and 500ml bottles of hand sanitiser available. We have sold our hand sanitiser to a variety of businesses including bottle shops, hair dressers, construction companies etc.

Grey tatami mats for judo training.

Tatami Mats as Karate Mats

Tatami mats have been around for a long time. The Japanese had literally used tatami mats in their homes for millennia. If you watched the Hollywood blockbuster starring Tom Cruise, the last samurai, you would have noticed that all the homes in the movie has tatami mats. Indeed every home in Japan at the time and including today have such mats. The mats have a historic and ceremonial place which is integral to daily life. Like I said even in modern Japan homes still have some sort of tatami mat upon which people sit and sip tea just as they did for many centuries. Even in western homes you will some times find tatami mats as a interior design element.

The interesting thing is that as much tatami was used in the home it was also used in training Japanese martial arts. At the time and even today traditional Japanese martial arts use tatami in their dojos. A lot of them refuse you use modern tatami mats, which are made form vinyl and compressed foam, and instead use tatami made through traditional means. Whilst some might find this stupid, it is admirable that people still use the traditional type even though it made training harder.

Of all the martial arts that use tatami for training the most famous martial art from Japan is karate. Karate schools often us tatami mats as karate mats mainly because of the reason that they represent the historic aspect of the training. That is the thing about karate mats, when you say karate mats you often also think about tatami mats. Make no mistake the kind of mats you use for training will influence the kind of training that you do. If you have good quality mats such as our karate mats then you can be sure that your training will be more successful.

gym mats

Gym Mats: Reasons to Employ and Replace Them

We look more presentable and confident when we have a good personality. We all want to have a shaped body with the right weight, but these days our flexible working hours and unbalanced diet have spoiled our body. To get in shape we must have to practice some fitness exercises. For faster results and better guidance, you can join a gym. The trainers will guide you with the perfectly required exercises for you and also they will help you in your exercises.


The Reasons to Have Them Placed

The best part is your practice would be safe and comfortable as the Gym Mats are used in gyms to make your practice safe and very comfortable. Standing, sitting or lying ion these mats for a long time is very comfortable as these are not like a hard floor which irritate with discomfort. The installation, de-installation, maintenance, and repair are very easy and cost-effective for these Gym Mats. These mats are made with the high-quality natural rubber and Eva foam is filled inside to add cushioned surface to your mat. These mats are so durable and very strong so you can easily install the heavy machines and tools of your gym. You can buy these mats from your nearby trusted mats suppliers. The smooth and shiny look of these mats will also create an attractive ambience in your gym. These mats can be used for aerobics or other fitness activities.


The Indicators to Have Them Replaced

So how could you tell that it is time to replace your old gym mats? Here are a few tips that we think you should follow.

  • Showing Visible Signs of Wear and Tear — The easiest way to tell if you need to upgrade your gym mats is to simply take a look at them, closely or even from afar. If your gym padding looks worn out or damaged, then it probably is, and it needs to be replaced soon. It is also important to remember that padding is not only there for safety and protection. But it also adds to the aesthetics of your gym. If it looks worn out, your entire gym will seem worn-out too.
  • Not Meeting the Standard — If your gym does not meet the standard for impact resistance and fire hazard, then it is time to replace your gym mats. To meet the standard, the padding needs to contain high-quality foam that is thick enough to provide protection for the athletes that may collide with the padding. In addition, it is also important for gyms to have padding that would slow down the spread of fire in case there’s a fire in your gym
  • Not Environmentally Friendly — You could start making a more environmentally friendly gym setting by replacing your old gym padding with new padding that is made from eco-friendly materials. By doing this you could make your gym a place that is healthy for the body and the environment.


Inspect the gym mats in your gym, if it shows any signs that we mentioned above, then it might be time to upgrade your gym mats. You should know about the thickness aspect when it comes to gym mats. For example, MMA mats tend to range from 1 to 2 inches in thickness, however, thicker isn’t always better. The appropriate thickness of your mat would be dependent on the discipline/s you teach in the gym. Do not hesitate to contact our team at Ezy Mats to get the best gym mats and gym mats for your facilities. Call today or get in touch online.

Rubber Mats

Characteristics of Interlocking Mats

All gym and sports centres look to maximize their customer experiences, and an\ essential role of this is the kind of flooring made use of in your facility. You can start asking yourself these basic questions; have you ever not being able to go back to a gym due to an overwhelming bad odour?; do you want a sturdy flooring that calls for minimum maintenance expenses and can be cleaned with ease?; do you wish for your gym floor coverings to maximize your gym area and the experience of your customers? In case the answers to any of these questions are yes, then choose for an answer that fits you: Interlocking gym flooring mats.



Interlocking floor mats are able to be put down over the most established flooring kinds, providing an appropriate way of covering up instead of upgrading wrecked, unappealing, floors. Interlocking gym floor tiles grant the best gym layouts. It is good to understand how important it is to stay up to date with the latest trends to stay on top in a continuously growing market. Interlocking gym floor tiles offer a fast, simple, and sturdy installation



Exceptional dovetail (interlocking) connection: A dovetail (also popular as interlocking) joint is a joint that puts two parts of flooring alongside one another, similar to a jigsaw. This unique form enables a simple set up as well as making sure no fluids (i.e sweat) are in a position to fall through the flooring mat and result in bad odours over time. Additionally, the accurate cutting procedure guarantees there are zero gaps in between the mats.


  • Easy installation: Interlocking flooring mats do not call for any glues or adhesives, subsequently providing a fast and easy setup process. If you were to own a gym, you sure want to create the perfect gym place in the shortest time possible, and the easy installation of interlocking mat surely helps


  • Easy replacement: maximum loads and heavyweights are constantly going to be an\ issue for any gym floor. Certainly, the interlocking mats products are guaranteed to be damage resistant, however, in case a section of the flooring was to be broken, that single tile may be replaced with ease as compared to lifting up the entire floor.


  • Hygiene: Hygiene is crucial. As a matter of fact, it is likely one of the most essential facets to give consideration to when selecting your gym floors. The majority of gym owners ignore the disguised issues that can develop from improper flooring. In a gym centre, where people are utilizing your floors for training, dirt and fluids can accumulate and leak through the holes in the flooring. This can build up and trigger issues that possibly have to have the whole floor to be changed out. Flooring solution like interlocking mats can prevent these issues from ever becoming an\ issue.


  • Get creative: Interlocking gym floors are offered in a wide array of sizes, colours, and models to accommodate your imagination or desired concepts



Interlocking gym floor mats are not solely a primary product for fitness centres and sports centres when it comes to quality, they guarantee gym owners have the potential to generate their perfect gym floors. Interlocking flooring mats are designed to offer solutions to issues you never realized you had.



At Ezy Mats,  we supply premium interlocking floor mat range to guarantee the best gym flooring solution possible. When you get your gym mats from us, whether it is interlocking or jigsaw or tatami mats, you are ensured of premium quality of mats. Browse through our website and get in touch with us right away!