What are Jigsaw Mats / Puzzle Mats?


These days people find themselves training more and more. Due to recent increases in case of obesity and our more stationary lifestyle people are engaging in more physical activities and sports in order to stay fit and healthy. Whilst outdoor activities have always been popular there has been an increase participation in indoor activities. Everything from cross training to rock climbing and different martial arts. This has brought about a need for anti-fatigue mats to help prevent injury to participant if such activities.

Interlocking EVA foam jigsaw mats (also known as puzzle mats) have become very popular over the last few years. Jigsaw mats are much more affordable compared to the traditional vinyl and tatami mats and can be used for many activities that include, gymnastics, aerobics, acrobatics, cross-training, MMA, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) Aikido, Kempo, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Ninjutsu, Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Yoga, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Capoeira, Kick Boxing and Boxing.

Jigsaw mats are also known as puzzle mats, foam mats, jiu jutsu mats, wrestling mats, judo mats, karate mats, rubber gym mats, gym mats, taekwondo mats, MMA mats, rubber flooring, interlocking mats, martial arts mats, BBJ mats, wrestling mats, fitness mats, gym flooring,  play mats, EVA floor mats and gymnastics mats just to name a few. The term puzzle mat is particularly common as the mats fit together like a puzzle.

Interlocking jigsaw mats are easy to lay on any floor area are lightweight, easy to carry and durable. They offer a permanent or temporary cushioned floor solution for comfort and added safety. They are also increasingly popular for home gyms and children’s play areas.

Foam jigsaw mats are available in a variety of sizes. The sizes include 20mm foam jigsaw mats, 30mm foam jigsaw mats and 40mm jigsaw mats (which we have in stock). There are even 50mm mats foam jigsaw mats but they are rare.

Our foam jigsaw mats are of great quality and are easy to assemble. They are 1 metre squared in size and 20mm, 30mm or 40mm thick. Please note thickness of mats may vary. Please click below for more information. Other foam jigsaw mat sizes are available on special order. Below are the specifications for our 40mm mats only. Should you require specifications for any other of our products they can be viewed on individual product pages. All our product pages state the size, thickness, colour, finish and density.

Below are specifications for our 40mm jigsaw mats. For specifications of our other mats you can visit the product pages where you will find the colour, density, size and thickness for each product. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.

These mats are also commonly referred to as puzzle mats as they connect together the way that a jigsaw puzzle would. It is therefore not surprising that they would be referred to as puzzle mats. The puzzle mechanism is unique to these kinds of mats and allows for a continuous mat when they are all connected together. Puzzle mats have been a mainstay of training institutions for a long time and will be for years to come.


SPECIFICATION – 40mm Jigsaw Mats

Size :
100cm x 100cm x 4cm
Colour :
Blue/Red or Black/Grey
Hardness :
45 Degree
Density :
Weight :
Edges :
4 pieces per mat included

Foam jigsaw interlocking mats that are..

  • Easy to install
  • Simple interlocking puzzle system
  • Made from EVA foam
  • Duarable and easy to clean
  • Offer great protection and Comfort
  • Suitable for all forms of martial arts and gyms

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