Commercial Roll Out Mats a Popular Option

Commercial Roll Out Since the introduction of custom roll out mats to our range they have proven to be a very popular with organisations and schools alike. We have been supplying commercial roll out mats to customer far and wide. Generally the interest has come from customer that require mats to cover a large area. […]


April Shipment of Wall Mats

April Shipment of Wall Mats As expected there is a shipment of wall mats coming in with our next container. Our April shipment of wall mats will be the last one until mid-May so be sure to reserve your mats whilst to still have a chance. With so many people opening new schools in this […]


Rollout Mats Combo vs Puzzle Mats

Rollout Mats Combo vs Puzzle Mats There has been a lot of discussion lately going on about what the best mat for a home setup. Especially since we introduce our rollout mats combo there has been a lot of excitement but also comparisons between them and puzzle mats which is what people also rely on […]


Stay Fighting Fit With Training Mats

Stay Fighting Fit With Our Great Training Mats With summer quickly tapering off it is easy to cut down on the training and get lazy at home. With the outdoors becoming less appealing it is time to consider training indoors again. I say it is not good enough to be at the top of your […]


Train At Home With Our Gymnastic Mats

Train At Home In Comfort Whilst gyms are opening and people have the option of getting out for some exercise the need to train at home is still a reality. There is nothing more satisfying than training with a group of like minded people it is true. That said the convenience of training at home […]


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