Jigsaw Mats vs Standard Exercise Mats

When you run a gym you need to make sure it has all the latest equipment and amenities. That is the one way to ensure you provide a safe environment for the members. Not only will this help improve your reputation, but will also attract more clients to your gym. Here we look at Jigsaw […]


Gym Mats Basic Maintenance Tips

If you have ever used gym mats in your commercial gym or even your home gym you know that they can become dirty and soiled over time. They can soak up moisture, sweat, and dirt, making them unhygienic and more prone to mould and mildew build-up too. We at Ezy Mats always recommend that you […]


Lyoto Machida Defeats Vitor Belfont at UFC 224:

In what was a brilliant display of fighting between two veteran Brazilian fighters Lyoto Machida Defeats Vitor Belfont via TKO in the the second round of their title fight at UFC 224. The win came via head kick by the karate expert which is a signature kick for him. The loss was Belfont’s final fight […]


Abu Dhabi Pro Use MMA Mats

The Abu Dhabi World Jiu-Jitsu Youth Championship were held from April 22 and 23 in UAE, while the Abu Dhabi World Professional Championship kicked off on April 24. The event started with a big opening ceremony and was accompanied by the King of Mats competitions. The event continued until April 27 and was followed by the […]


New Shipment Arrives in Melbourne

We have a new shipment of mats in Melbourne arriving. The shipment consists of jigsaw mats. We had a 40′ container arrive today with jigsaw puzzle mats. Mats in Melbourne   250 x black/grey 40mm jigsaw mats 300 x red/blue 40mm jigsaw mats 300 x  black/red 40mm jigsaw mats 150 x blue wall mats   […]


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