Why Ezymats?

Ezymats are the premier supplier of EVA interlocking jigsaw rubber gym mats in Australia. We supply safety mats to a large range of customers through out the country. They include martial arts schools (BJJ, judo, karate etc), police, gymnastics and many other training organisations.

What thickness should I order?

It is up to the customer to determine what thickness would be suit their application. People use EVA interlocking jigsaw mats for all sorts of applications which may necessitate different thickness. We stock 40mm jigsaw mats but offer different options like 20mm and 30mm jigsaw mats should they be required. Both 20mm and 30mm are available on specially order at the moment. We will have stock in the future but only have 40mm EVA jigsaw mats at the moment.

What does Ezymats offer?

Ezy Mats offers a full range of training and commercial mats. We currently stock 40mm jigsaw mats 20mm and 30mm jigsaw mats. We also stock tatami mats, MMA mats, rubber mats, wall mats, yoga mats and gymnastics mats As well as training mats we also offer commercial mats, training gear and personal care products such as hand sanitiser and washable face masks.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes we offer delivery anywhere in Australia. The interlocking jigsaw mats come packed 5 pcs for carton. The cartons are 110mm x 110mm x 25mm and weigh 20kg. We generally use TNT but can offer other options if required. We deliver to all states and territories in Australia. Let us know your delivery address and quantity and will will arrange a quote.

We also have pick up available from our Melbourne warehouse. Our warehouse is located in Melbourne in the South East suburb of Braeside. Our EVA jigsaw mats can be picked up at both addresses. Just call up so we can get your EVA mats ready for pick up.

Do you offer vinyl mats?

Yes we do? Should you require vinyl tatami mats let us know and we will arrange a quote. We usually have then in stock or can add them to our next shipment gym mats. We have goods on the high seas all the time. Vinyl tatami mats are ideal for activities where there is a lot of throwing like judo, wrestling, hapkido and Chin na. They are available in 40mm and 50mm thickesses and are 1m x 2m.

Who uses jigsaw mats?

We have customers all over Australia using our mats for a variety of purposes. From BJJ to karate and taekwondo. We have martial arts schools, sporting organisation and the police all using our mats. The applications are endless but only one supplier offers the best price and service. That is Ezymats!

Where are the mats manufactured?

Like so many products today our mats are manufactured in China (PRC). We frequently visit the factory to ensure the integrity of the manufacturing process and social responsibility. Ezymats is committed to both environmentally and socially sustainable manufacturing.

Do you have a returns policy?

Yes we do. Please follow the link to review.

Does Ezymats Ship World-Wide?

Yes we do. We are confident that our mats are the best priced jigsaw mats in the world. As we have a close relationship with our factory and have offices in Hong Kong and mainland China we know that we can’t be beat on price no matter where you are. Not even in China itself. As such we will ship our jigsaw mats anywhere in the world. For countries other then Australia MOQ is a 20′ Container which is around 550 pcs of jigsaw mats. For Australia there is no MOQ.

Are Ezymats good enough for Ezymats?

I love our EVA interlocking jigsaw gym mats so much that I use then myself. I have been training martial art and MMA for over 25yrs now. I understand the importance of having a good surface to fall on and roll around on when training. I use our jigsaw mats on a daily basic. My training partners are also glad that they get to train on the best jigsaw mats on the market.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. We will answer all your questions promptly. We can be contacted via telephone or email.



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