Celebrate the Festive Season with Ezymats: The Perfect Gift of Tatami and Jigsaw Mats

Bringing Comfort and Joy to Your Training Space This Christmas As the festive season approaches, it’s time to think about gifts that combine practicality with passion, especially for the fitness enthusiasts and martial artists in your life. Ezymats, a premium supplier of training mats, offers the perfect solution with their high-quality tatami and jigsaw mats. […]


Ezy Mats Defies Inflation: Announces Price Reduction on Gym Mats

In a move that defies the current inflationary pressures, Ezy Mats, a renowned supplier of gym mats, has announced a significant price reduction of up to 5% on their popular gym mat products. This price cut primarily affects their range of jigsaw mats and foldable mats, bringing a wave of excitement to fitness enthusiasts and […]


The Comprehensive Guide to Crash Mats: A Closer Look at Ezymats' Offerings

Introducing Crash Mats In any physical activity or sport, safety is paramount. Crash mats, also known as landing mats, play a crucial role in ensuring this safety. Ezymats, a leading Australian supplier, offers a range of high-quality crash mats, tailor-made for various requirements. This blog explores the features, benefits, and considerations of crash mats from […]


The Ultimate Guide to Puzzle-Piece Flooring for Martial Arts

When it comes to creating a functional and aesthetic space for martial arts training, flooring is crucial. Ensuring the safety of practitioners while preserving the authentic feel of a dojo or training hall is a balance many strive to achieve. Enter the world of specialized mats designed for martial arts. In this guide, we’ll delve […]


Maximising Safety and Comfort: The Perfect Pairing of Jigsaw Mats and Crash Mats

In the diverse world of physical activities, whether it’s a high-octane session in martial arts, a calming hour of yoga, or an energetic kids’ playtime, the need for a safe environment is a constant. When it comes to creating a space that’s both secure and functional, no one understands this better than Ezy Mats, a […]


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