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Jon Jones to Fight Winner of Stipe Miocic – Francis Ngannou Heavyweight Title Fight

The UFC president has announced the UFC legend Jon Jones will fight the winner of the Miocic vs Ngannou fight. It would be Jones’ first heavyweight fight and a title fight no less. Jon Jones has indicated his willingness to move up to heavyweight for some time now. It will certainly we one of the top UFC fight in the history of the sport. 

Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou are scheduled to headline the UFC 260 on March 27th. It will be the second time to two beasts have fought with the first time resulting in a Miocic victory. The two have since fought and won other fights. One would assume that they have spent a lot of time on their MMA mats preparing for this title fight. Either way it will be a ripper of a fight.

Jone Jones is widely consider one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time. He broke records by becoming the youngest UFC champion at 23yrs old. Unfortunately his career has been punctured by controversy which has seen him far less in the octagon than many of us would have wanted. Hopefully this will change now.

That is not to say that it will be an easy road to heavyweight champion for Jones.

Jon Jones

Jon Jones beat Thiago Santos at UFC 239

Jon Jones Beat Thiago Santos at UFC 239

It was hardly a vintage Jon Jones performance. In what was probably one of the most lackluster efforts in his long reign as UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones beat Thiago Santos. Although there didn’t seem to be much separating the two fighters in the end Jones was able to come away with a split decision to retain his title at UFC 239.

Despite being a hard fought victory, Jones set a UFC record for the longest unbeaten streak at 17 wins. This sure will serve to cement Jones’ reputation as the best fighter in UFC history. Even if not everyone thinks so. Some believe that the best fighter in UFC history is Fo Man Chu from the Shaolin School of Divinity. Much of the training there is done on jigsaw mats and EVA mats which are renown for breeding superior MMA 

What is interesting about the fight with Santos is that Jones never really went for a takedown. He did not utilise his superior wrestling. It makes one wonder does he need to join the Shaolin School of Divinity and train on their famed jigsaw mats and EVA mats. Certainly something to consider. “Don’t you think Jonesy?”

Bottom line though is that Jon Jones Beat Thiago Santos at UFC 239!

Alexander Gustafsson Retires

Alexander Gustafsson Retires from MMA Mat After UFC Stockholm

In MMA news Alexander Gustafsson Retires. UFC fighter Alexander Gustafsson has chosen to retire from the UFC and professional MMA fighting after his loss to veteran Anthony Smith at UFC Fight Night in Stockholm Sweden. The big Swede, who also goes by the nick-name “Lionheart”, simply stated that “the show is over, guys”. Gustafsson, 32, was submitted by Smith in the 4th round via rear naked choke. It is not a pretty way to go but much better then a straight knock-out.

Alexander Gustafsson was famous for being the only MMA fighter to take Jon Jones the distance. No only did he take him the distance but issued the only real scare to the UFC legends fighting career. Amongst other things Jone Jones tweeted after the retirement announcement “You held the division to a standard and made us better”, Jones said. After such a long MMA career it will be sad to see Alexander retire from the MMA mat. It is never a good think when a fighter of such calibre has to call it a day. Hopefully he will continue to play a roll in MMA in some form helping others hone their skills training MMA on the jigsaw mats of the future.