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Jon Jones beat Thiago Santos at UFC 239

Jon Jones Beat Thiago Santos at UFC 239

It was hardly a vintage Jon Jones performance. In what was probably one of the most lackluster efforts in his long reign as UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones beat Thiago Santos. Although there didn’t seem to be much separating the two fighters in the end Jones was able to come away with a split decision to retain his title at UFC 239.

Despite being a hard fought victory, Jones set a UFC record for the longest unbeaten streak at 17 wins. This sure will serve to cement Jones’ reputation as the best fighter in UFC history. Even if not everyone thinks so. Some believe that the best fighter in UFC history is Fo Man Chu from the Shaolin School of Divinity. Much of the training there is done on jigsaw mats and EVA mats which are renown for breeding superior MMA 

What is interesting about the fight with Santos is that Jones never really went for a takedown. He did not utilise his superior wrestling. It makes one wonder does he need to join the Shaolin School of Divinity and train on their famed jigsaw mats and EVA mats. Certainly something to consider. “Don’t you think Jonesy?”

Bottom line though is that Jon Jones Beat Thiago Santos at UFC 239!