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Martial Arts Mats for Krava Maga and BJJ

Martial Arts Mats Increasingly Popular

The proliferation of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Krava Maga and other combat sports has greatly increase the popularity of martial arts mats. With a lot of these activities there is a great likelihood of being thrown to the ground. Whats more there are drills which occur on the ground which require protection to lessen the impact.

If you look at Krava Maga, which is an Israeli self-defence system, there are lots of moves which see your partner thrown to the ground, sometimes even violently. The danger of sustaining injury through these encounters requires some kind of safety mat to mitigate the force of the through. This is where martial arts mats come in and are effective in reducing the risk of getting hurt.

With martial arts like BJJ and grappling there is a definite need for martial arts mats. You will not see a school or training area for these systems that is not fitted out with gym mats of some kind. Sometimes they are roll out mats at other times they will use foam mats or jigsaw mats. Generally they will be an interlocking mat however for a more durable mat they will often took at using tatami mats or MMA mats. One thing is for sure. They will have a martial arts mat of one kind or the other.

So if you are looking at improving the safety of your schools environment then consider a safety mat. They are often light weight and easy to more and store, and they are sure to at least reduce the risk of injury. Of course the best prevention for injury is common sense and care.

Exchange rate vs USD

AUD Falls on Week Inflation Data

The Australian dollar fell today on week inflation data from the Bureau of Statistics. The rate of inflation was 0.2% instead of the 0.4% which was expected. The underlying rate was 0.5% which was in line with expectations. The announcement had an immediate effect which saw the dollar fall by 0.25%. It is currently hovering just above $0.79.

What does this all mean for the price of goods and jigsaw mats in particular. Firstly jigsaw mats are sourced in USD so any dramatic drop in the AUD will have an impact on their pricing. The dollar has risen dramatically in the recent past so it should not have an effect. We would only see and effect on jigsaw mats if the AUD fell below $0.74. Although anything is possible it is unlikely to drop so much in a short period of time. Only a huge economic shock would have an effect on the AUD like rising unemployment or some other such event.

The Australian economy has been performing great lately which is why the AUD has risen so much and the price of gym mats is so low. Whilst there is a feel good sentiment in the economy people are more likely to purchase discretionary items such as gym mats and other training equipment. This is usually the case in good economic times. As someone who is current involved in a few businesses I have had the feeling that the economy has improved markedly in the last few months. So much so that it has lead to increased hired in the organisations that I run. Including at Ezymats.

It is always a good idea to order your foam mats whilst the dollar is good. It ensures that you will be able to buy your foam mats at a good price therefore grabbing yourself a bargain. The price of foam mats was much higher when the dollar was pushing below $0.72. We have heaps of stock of foam mats at the time so it is a great time to order them. We also have shipment coming in all the time.

black and grey gym mats for martial arts training.

New Shipment of Jigsaw Mats

We just received a new shipment of jigsaw mats from our overseas factory. The shipment was a 40′ container and had the following contents:

  • 40mm black  / grey jigsaw mats x 200
  • 40mm black / red jigsaw mats x 400
  • 40mm blue / red jigsaw mats x 200
  • 30mm red / black jigsaw mats x 200
  • 30mm red / blue jigsaw mats x 300
  • 20mm red / blue jigsaw mats x 300

So our warehouse is full of interlocking jigsaw mats which are ready to go. Stock is sure to go fast as it usually does. Not to fear as we have another 40′ container coming in the next couple of weeks. We general have a 40′ Container full of training mats coming every 2 weeks.

So if you need some interlocking jigsaw mats for your school or training area give Ezy Mats a call. We are the leading in gym mats supply.

Exchange rate vs USD

Market Watch – AUD vs USD in May 2017

Being a company that is so reliant on imported goods it is important for us to track currency movements. Our purchase of EVA mats and foam mats is done from off-shore companies who require payment in US dollars. In this case if the USD goes up then the price of EVA mats and foam mats also goes up. If it goes in the opposite direction then so to does the price of mats. Therefore the exchange rate is a good indicator of where the pricing of gym mats is going. Below is an analysis of the exchange rate in May.

The AUD traded in a narrow range this month against the USD. It ended down just above 1% which is not a great deal considering all the things happening in the world. Early in the month we saw the USD strengthen as the Federal Reserve pointed to a 100% chance of a rate hike in June. This expectations then eased as doubts over the strength of US inflation emerged. The rate hike chances are now considerable less at 60%. The AUD eased off later in the month after lighter consumer spending and concerns we are expecting a very weak and possibly negative growth. The start of June has seen significant support for the AUD at 0.74 and a rally towards 0.75 after good economic news from China, the worlds second largest economy.

We will continue to monitor movements in the currency to better understand where the price of EVA mats and foam mats will be in the not too distant future. If you have any questions about this or anything else then give us a call. We are always ready to talk shop.

interlocking gym mats for your gym or training area

Why Interlocking Mats Are The Best?

With the proliferation of 24 hours gyms and home training there has been an explosion of the need for anti-fatigue mats. Anti-fatigue mats not only look good and mark out the designated area for training but they assist in limiting injury due to vigorous training. The need for ant-fatigue mats can’t be overstated when discussing training and the effects on the body both positive and negative.

While they are a large variety of gym mats on the market one can not look past interlocking flooring. Interlocking flooring is a great choice when considering what type of gym mats to install in your establishment. It has many advantages over other types of floor which I will discuss here.

Easy Installation of Interlocking Floor Mats

One of the greatest advantages of these kinds of mats is that they are easy to install. With many other types of mats and flooring you generally need a professional to install them for you. Often you also need adhesive in order to keep the that or flooring from moving around. With interlocking mats this is not the case. All you need to do is arrange a pattern and determine the designated area. Calculate how many mats you require and simple install. The mats come together like a jigsaw puzzle which is why they are also know as jigsaw mats. However they are not like a complicates jigsaw puzzle. The jigsaw pattern repeats itself which makes it so much easier to put together.

Cost Effective Gym Mats

The best part of these mats is that they are the most cost effective type of training mats on the market. They are made of EVA foam which is an abundant product making the manufacturing of the product relatively cheap. Also the compact nature of the product make it easy and cheap to ship. Other mats which might come in a roll take up much more room per square meter which make it a less attractive product to ship.

Flexible Product For Gyms

As the flooring is made up of just individual mats it is very flexible when trying to customise areas for training. The mats themselves are double sided and come in different colours per side. So if you are looking at marking out areas in your training gym it makes it easier. Or if you have a martial arts gym and want to make out specific sparring area so that students know their bounds it is remarkably  easy. You just make a plan and stick to it.

Ezy Mats Are Best Supplier In Australia Of Gym Mats

Without doubt Ezy Mats is the best supplier of interlocking flooring in the Australian market. We have a great range of mats and offer friendly and reliable service. So if you are looking at buying mats then give us a call. We will do our best to help you with your every need.

Our jigsaw mats come in a variety of colours for your gym.

New Order Of 20mm Jigsaw Mats for Melbourne

We have a new order of 20mm jigsaw mats heading for our Melbourne warehouse. Our jigsaw mats especially the 20 black / grey mats have been super popular. We are not our of stock yet but we anticipate that by the time the new shipment arrives we will be well and truly our of stock. The mats coming to Melbourne are as follows:

  • 20mm blue / red jigsaw mats
  • 20mm black / red jigsaw mats
  • 20mm black /   grey jigsaw mats

If you are setting up a gym or a training area it is always important what kind of ant-fatigue mats you may require. Obviously there are many options and they all depend on what kind of mat you require. Just remember it is better to have something then nothing. The main use for the area in question is what you might want to consider first.

If you are looking at a weight training area or somewhere where there will be equipment the best option is usually rubber mats. Rubber mats have a higher density and are thinner so there is less room for deformation. They tend to be heavy but that doesn’t matter after to lay them down.

If it is an area where people are likely to be jumping up and down then you might want to consider jigsaw mats. These mats are make from EVA foam which means they have good absorbing qualities. Our EVA foam mats are easy to put together and come in a variety of colours and thicknesses. Just like our 20mm jigsaw mats coming to Melbourne they are very popular.

If you are looking at fitting out an area please give us a call. We are always happy to help in guiding you with your jigsaw and gym mats needs.


Market Watch

AUD stabilised against the US dollar for the first time in two week as most commodity prices rose, led by oil. A projected OPEC supply cut led crude to a November high, up 4.3%. Our chief commodity iron ore was lower. Iron ore dropped 3.4% to $70.34 a ton as Chinese port stockpiles rose to a two year high. The forecasts for average prices of $58 this quarter and $50 in 2017.

A lower Australian dollar leads to;

  • Higher price for imported goods.
  • Increase change of interest rise.
  • Less money in the bank for most of us.
  • Higher prices for interlocking jigsaw mats.

Hopefully stability will persist in the Australian economic environment.

flag of The United States of America

Donald Trump American President

The TV personality Donald Trump has been elected the next president of the USA. He handily beat Hillary Clinton to the post by taking the largest number of states in the college vote. That does mean that he won college or even that it had anything to do will Trump University rather that he won the more electorates as they are called in our electoral system.

The effect of a Trump presidency may be huge depending who you ask. The effect could be both positive or negative. One thing is certainly true is that it will be an ‘interesting’ four years.

Some Trump policies as I understand them (may or may not be correct):

  • Deport Illegals
  • Spend lots of money
  • Cut heaps of taxes
  • Build a huge wall
  • Tweet as much as possible
  • Etc


Oh yes and Make America Great Again.

Now neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton have anything to do with jigsaw mats (as far as I know) but I am sure that more and more people will require interlocking jigsaw mats as a result.

Jigsaw Mats Christmas Gift

Jigsaw Mats for Christmas

Interlocking jigsaw mats are a great present for Christmas. These days people and kids take part in a number of activities which may require training mats. Activities such as cross-training, BJJ, gymnastic and acrobatics are becoming increasingly popular. The mats themselves help people training while minimising injury and impact on joints and the body in generally. Whilst mats are no substitute for safety and common sense they can help limit stress that would otherwise be felt by training on a hard surface.

We offer a number of different types of mats:

  • 40mm black – grey EVA mats
  • 40mm blue – red  EVA mats
  • 30mm black – red EVA mats
  • 30mm blue – red EVA mats
  • 20mm black – red EVA mats
  • 20mm blue – red EVA mats
  • 40mm black tatami mats
  • 400mm grey tatami mats

The type of mats you chose depend on your type of activity and colour you prefer.

So do wait a minute further and call Ezy Mats today for your training mats requirements.

interlocking eva jigsaw mats

Why Kids Love Jigsaw Mats

As a gym owner, you need to take every step possible to ensure your establishment provides your customers all the comforts and safety they need. The gym equipment should be up-to-date, the trainers need to be knowledgeable, and the floor needs to be comfortable. At Ezy Mats, we provide just that. Our collection of jigsaw mats are great for different kinds of applications and would add a burst or colour and vibrancy to your property.
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