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Reasons to Employ and Replace Gym Mats

Gym Mats: Reasons to Employ and Replace Them

There are many reasons to employ and replace gym mats. We look more presentable and confident when we have a good personality. We all want to have a shaped body with the right weight, but these days our flexible working hours and unbalanced diet have spoiled our body. To get in shape we must have to practice some fitness exercises. For faster results and better guidance, you can join a gym. The trainers will guide you with the perfectly required exercises for you and also they will help you in your exercises.


The Reasons to Have Them Placed

The best part is your practice would be safe and comfortable as the Gym Mats are used in gyms to make your practice safe and very comfortable. Standing, sitting or lying ion these mats for a long time is very comfortable as these are not like a hard floor which irritate with discomfort. The installation, de-installation, maintenance, and repair are very easy and cost-effective for these Gym Mats.

These mats are made with the high-quality natural rubber and Eva foam is filled inside to add cushioned surface to your mat. These mats are so durable and very strong so you can easily install the heavy machines and tools of your gym. You can buy these mats from your nearby trusted mats suppliers. The smooth and shiny look of these mats will also create an attractive ambience in your gym. These mats can be used for aerobics or other fitness activities.


The Indicators to Have Them Replaced

So how could you tell that it is time to replace your old gym mats? Here are a few tips that we think you should follow.


Showing Visible Signs of Wear and Tear. 

The easiest way to tell if you need to upgrade your gym mats is to simply take a look at them, closely or even from afar. If your gym padding looks worn out or damaged, then it probably is, and it needs to be replaced soon. It is also important to remember that padding is not only there for safety and protection. But it also adds to the aesthetics of your gym. If it looks worn out, your entire gym will seem worn-out too.


Not Meeting the Standard. 

If your gym does not meet the standard for impact resistance and fire hazard, then it is time to replace your gym mats. To meet the standard, the padding needs to contain high-quality foam.  That means it is thick enough to provide protection for the athletes that may collide with the padding. In addition, it is also important for gyms to have padding that would slow down the spread of fire in case there’s a fire in your gym.


Not Environmentally Friendly. 

You could start making a more environmentally friendly gym setting by replacing your old gym padding. Replace with new padding that is made from eco-friendly materials. By doing this you could make your gym a place that is healthy for the body and the environment.


Inspect the gym mats in your gym. If it shows any signs that we mentioned above, then it might be time to upgrade your gym mats. You should know about the thickness aspect when it comes to gym mats. For example, MMA mats tend to range from 1 to 2 inches in thickness, however, thicker isn’t always better. The appropriate thickness of your mat would be dependent on the discipline/s you teach in the gym.

Do not hesitate to contact our team at Ezy Mats to get the best gym mats and gym mats for your facilities. So if you are looking for reasons to employ and replace gym mats, call today or get in touch online.

How Jigsaw Mats Prevent Sports Injuries

How Jigsaw Mats Come In Handy for Preventing Sports Injuries

The mat you choose for your health and fitness centre or the indoor sports activities arena matters so much.  That is with regards to functionality & safety. With that in mind, the interlocking mats have come to be prevalent around the world for a number of purposes. Frequently known as the jigsaw mats, the interlock floor mats are shaped just like the structure of jigsaw puzzle.  They attenuate the effect of the athlete fall. These anti-fatigue athletes are ideal for a variety of combat sports. It is always useful to know how Jigsaw mats prevent sports injuries


Keep Safe Doing Martial Arts

Martial Arts is a perfect sport designed for all ages. It can enhance your own wellness and fitness, as well as your self-confidence. It is an active sport, and there is always the possibility of injuries. The great news is that you could reduce that risk. By making use of the proper type of flooring you can minimise your risk of severe injury. Nevertheless, if you make use of shock-absorbing jigsaw mats for martial arts you can look forward to a gentler landing. Subsequently, that will suggest a couple of bruises rather than a visit to the hospital. And if you have to hit the floor, at least, hit a cushioned one!

Quite a few people find a sincere passion for the sport. Some start young and continue to exercise Martial Arts well into their twilight decades. In case you have strong and reliable flooring below your feet then you have to be able to perform that with less concern of getting injured. This means that you should carry on with the sport up until you are willing to say goodbye to your belt.


Plan Your Training To Prevent Injury

The very best option to avoid injury is to train in the most proper way possible, to boost your flexibility and body fitness. Nevertheless, even if you do every single thing right you could still anticipate a couple of bruises and bumps.  It is a contact sport after all.  Martial Arts mats can make it possible to reduce the chance of severe injury, very good if you want to become an assured and competent martial artist. Points below are how jigsaw mats able prevent injuries in sports:


  • Lowers the Risk of Sports injuries. Not merely the jigsaw athletes play a key role in boosting the efficiency of an athlete, also greatly reduces the chance of the potential accidents those may possibly occur during a rigorous work out session.
  • Forms Good Posture. This kind of mat is specifically engineered to ascertain total comfort. Many studies have discovered the interlocked mats can reduce the stress on muscles and joints. In summary, these mats let the bloodstream to flow correctly throughout the athlete’s body.
  • Hinders Joint Stiffness. The joint stiffness is a typical training session issue problem, which can be combated to a specific extinct by the usage of the jigsaw mats.
  • Less Headaches. This kind of mat can reduce the stress on the neck as well as the shoulder area, which definitely a reason for headaches suffered by athletes.
  • Reduce Lower Back Pain.  When you are having difficulties with persistent lower back pain, then you can have your old fitness mat swapped with an interconnected mat. This will help you have a smooth fall, always.
  • Lessen the Chances of Slipping. Trips and slips are a couple of standard sports injuries; they can be minimal with the usage of the modern-day jigsaw runners.


So when it comes to how jigsaw mats prevent sports Injuries in the end, the ball is in your court. You have to make the final conclusion, based on your safety needs & requirements. Once you finalized your decision, make sure you get the top quality of jigsaw mats from Ezy Mats

jigsaw mats

Getting The Most of Jigsaw Mats

The soft and bouncy mats can be applied for several means of reasons such as for competitions, outdoor use, as well as indoor or home gyms. For competition usage, the mats will allow you to set up a tournament in a cheap and quick manner. Most jigsaw mats have a different colour on each side, thus you could create many rings for the tournament. Additionally, jigsaw mats are extremely light, making it easy to transport, assembling and storing.


Jigsaw Mats For Indoor use Only

As for outdoor use don’t use jigsaw mats are waterproof but they are not suitable for use outdoors in the element.  Since they are waterproof, if you happen to get dirt on them you could always wash them off with a damp cloth. In addition, the cheaper price of jigsaw mats will also help ease your worry about replacing them if you have too.


In addition, jigsaw mats have become increasingly popular for gyms at home over the years. If you wish to save money by training at home without risking your safety, jigsaw mats are the perfect option. You could easily customise them to fit your home gym by cutting them to a suitable size. In addition, they are extremely durable, so you would not have to worry about breaking them.


Improve Training Comfort

You are advised to select the best Jigsaw Mat to become comfortable in your choice of sports. The martial art mats are particularly designed with cushioning which are put on the floor, which allow both newbies and masters to exercise their martial art properly, steering clear of any kind of injury risks and staying away from unneeded strain on your legs and back. In order to be  a master in martial arts, one should practice every single day, and in case you do not have superior quality mats to land on, there are some important aspects that you should consider when it comes to getting jigsaw mats


  • First of all, you should take a look at how your jigsaw mats look like and then the quality. You should always purchase new jigsaw mats as they offer higher quality contrasted to the used mats. This indicates that they will be more sturdy and you will additionally be able to keep them better. Brand new mats additionally have a much better appearance. With new mats, you will be in a position to select one that satisfies the appearance of your interior.
  • Second, consider the mats’ dimensions. The mat’s sizes of your choice should fit your favoured area. Make sure that you know the accurate size of the mat before you purchase. Martial Arts mats come in many sizes, 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm. The different thickness appeal to the different martial art form, when choosing the perfect mats for your gym look into what thickness is required for your style. For MMA and Karate try 20mm Mats, for Wrestling, Judo, and Ju-Jitsu tries 40mm, for more protection.


What Thickness To Choose?

Next, there’s the thickness aspect when it comes to jigsaw mats. For example, MMA mats tend to range from 1 to 2 inches in thickness, however, thicker isn’t always better. The appropriate thickness of your mat would be dependent on the discipline/s you teach in the gym. The 1-inch thick mats would provide a good protection against light falls, however, the high firmness will provide the support for standing up and moving. The 2-inch mats would be ideal for ground and pound and MMA.


To benefit from jigsaw mats, make sure that you place your order for the top-notch quality of jigsaw mats from Ezy Mats! GIve us a call on +61 2 9718 7424 or get in touch online!

MMA Mats

Maybe Not Zebra Mats But Still Great Gym Mats

Our MMA mats are Maybe not Zebra mats but still great gym mats. Our MMA mats are quality mats which are made using quality material. They are just a different brand which doesn’t make them different quality. The are MMA and other schools through out the country that use our mats in their gyms and training centres. You should consider using them as well.

Different Types of Mats Suppliers

There are all sorts of mats suppliers out there supplying all sorts of mats. When it comes to protective mats a large segment is for children mats. That is because when parents first have kids they are petrified that something is going to happen to their baby. They see it trying to walk and falling on its butt so often they can’t help but think that it will cause them damage. That is why EVA play mats are so popular and by extension EVA mats. Indeed EVA mats are to most popular mats when it comes to kids mats. This is primarily because they are so inexpensive and readily available. There is a whole industry revolving around supplying parents with goods for their new born. This naturally this includes EVA mats.


What are EVA Mats?

It is a fact that martial arts EVA mats area very sort after mat. EVA jigsaw mats are the number one selling martial arts mats on the market. They are number one for martial arts for many of the same reasons that they are for kids mats. EVA mats ready available to buy. They are inexpensive which make them ideal for people how are on a budget and just need good martial arts mats for their gym. Also they are pretty durable so you know they will last for years to come. If you were to visit any number of martial arts schools across this country you would be likely to find EVA mats in use.


Premium Training Mats & MMA Mats

Sometimes though people are looking for a premium type of mat. In those cases they might want to go with vinyl mats. Vinyl mats such as Zebra Mats are higher up when you think about martial arts mats. They are the type of mats that you would find at a UFC gym or professional MMA gym. These kind of MMA mats are great for other activities but you will generally find them being used by professional organisations.  The good news is that you don’t have to fork out the amount you would normal for these kinds of mats. These days there are great suppliers out there of vinyl mats that don’t come with the excessive price tag. You would want to make sure that the mats are good though and asking for a sample is recommended before buying.



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Coalition Win Temporary Boast For AUD and Gym Mats

The coalition win over the weekend proved to be just a temporary boast for the AUD and gym mats. The Liberal National coalition surprised the nation and all the pundits. It was expected that the Labour Party would easily win the election but that was not the case. In the end the Libs ended up with a majority in the house with the Senate yet to be decided.

The initial reaction to the Liberal victory was the strengthening of the AUD. For the first time in weeks in shot up above $0.70. It was also a boast for gym mats as it seemed that pressure for a price rise would subside. The price of gym mats has steadily increased over the past year. First it was eva mats which went up at the beginning of the year. The price of 40mm jigsaw mats went up whilst the other thicknesses staid the same. The price of MMA mats and tatami mats also increased in price over the last couple of week.

The short lived increase in the AUD was broken by the Reserve Bank hinting that there could be an interest rate cut in the not too distant future. Some are predicting a cut as soon as June and then another in August. Such cuts could lead to the Australian Dollar falling further and therefore even more pressure on the price of gym mats.

China to Retaliate

China to Retaliate Against New Tariffs

Donald Trump on Tuesday announced China $US200 billion in new tariffs which. Combined with other tariffs already announced it will mean the US is taxing roughly half of all its imports from China. China responded by saying it will be forced to retaliate against by against the US. A Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman said, “In order to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests and the global free trade order, China will have to take simultaneous counter measures”. What those countermeasure will be remain to be seen.

While in previous responses the Chinese have used harsh language this time their response was more muted. Beijing “deeply regrets” the tariffs they said.  China has also stopped short of what kind of action might be taken, thus giving Trump a chance to back down. Previously China said that it would retaliate with $US60 billion in tariffs on US goods that came into effect in August. It has since gone quiet on the threat.

Trump also threatened to immediately impose almost $US270 billion of additional tariffs if the Chinese government announces retaliatory measures against US farmers and manufacturers. This in effect would be a tax on all Chinese products entering the US.

In light of the new tariffs the Australia’s Reserve Bank board discussed the trade war at its recent meeting. They concluded that in saying that the “significant tensions around global trade policy … represented a material risk to the outlook.”

“Ongoing uncertainty about trade policy had led to volatility in the prices of some commodities.” “More generally, the direction of international trade policy in the United States continued to be a source of uncertainty for the outlook for the world economy.” This is according to the board’s minutes released on Tuesday.

Unlike the previous rounds of tariffs, which targeted industrial goods, this tranche will affect consumer products.  It could lead to price rises for items such as gymnastics mats, puzzle mats, air conditioners and jigsaw mats.

The new tariffs of $200 billion on Chinese goods will bring the electronics and gym mats sectors into the trade war.

The Chinese doodle minister is expected fly via cargo plane Washington next week to resume talks with his Amercan counterpart.

One of el Presidentè’s last remarks on the issue was, “These practices plainly constitute a grave threat to the long-term health and prosperity of the United States economy. As President, it is my duty to protect the interests of working men and women, farmers, ranchers, businesses and our country itself. My administration will not remain idle while those interests are under attack,” he said

So some people inherently might be thinking the President Trumps actions might be crazy others think they are not. At the end of the day he was elected by the American people. They must be happy with the progress that is being made in the trade front.

Lemieux Stops O'Sullivan

Canadian David Lemieux Stops Gary O’Sullivan on the Mats

Canadian David Lemieux was victorious in the first round of his fight with Ireland’s Gary O’Sullivan after a savage left hook that left the Irish fighter on the eva mat.

Lemieux was not happy after O’Sullivan team’s talked trash in the lead up to the fight. He gave them an emphatic response with his victory.

In reponse to the trash talking Lemieux said “Don’t p*** me off guys,”. “I guess the message must be clear, I don’t like the trash talking at all that was done to me from O’Sullivan’s side so I kept it in me and I put to the right timing.

“I’m a respectable fighter, I come in the ring, I don’t disrespect my opponents, I train hard, I don’t trash talk and I respect that kind of behaviour.

“I felt great, I’m in superb shape. I gave you all a great knockout and a great event so I hope you’re all happy.”

Lemieux had previously fought Gennady Golovkin in 2015, said he’d like another shot at the champion. He would also like a shot at Alvarez he confirmed. Boxing ring generally use canvas but jigsaw mats are also used in some gym setups.

“I’m not rooting for anybody, I want to fight both of them,” he said in the post-bout interview.

“I think it’s a 50-50 chance fight. Canelo is an excellent boxer, so is Golovkin. It’s going to be an interesting fight”.

As it is Canelo went on to beat Golovkin via decision. In what was a very competitive fight the two of the three judges gave it to Canelo 115-113. It gave Alvarez the title via majority decision with the third judge scored it a 114-114 draw.

The fight was widely seen as a great fight with both fighters giving it their all. There is already talk of another Alvarez vs Canelo fight in the future to continue the rivalry. Both fighter would be wise to get back on their gym mats and training their hearts out until the next competition. Any fighter worth their weight in gold would spend most of their time training in their gym on their gym mats.


Trumps Tariffs

Trump’s Two Hundred Billion Dollar Tariffs And Gym Mats

There are two hundred billion reasons that Donald Trumps tariffs on China could cause the price of gym mats to rise in Australia. President Trump has vowed to put in place a new round of Chinese goods imported into America if the communist country doesn’t curtail unfair trade practices. Although the Chinese government denies such practices exist the Trump administration is adamant that such tariffs with be applied in the not too distance future.

As we already know most low technology items are now manufactured in China and the Asia region. This also includes gym mats such as jigsaw mats, foam mats, interlocking mats and EVA mats. If tariffs were to by place on the gym mats then there is a real possibility that it could raise the prices on gym mats in Australia. The world economy is intertwined so any economic stock in one region is likely to have an effect in another. Australia is not immune to this reality and it is something to be expected if the current trade conflict between the world’s two largest economies continues.

Effects on gym mats pricing by falling dollar

One of the potential effects that one can expect on pricing is the effect it has had on the Australian dollar. The Australian dollar has already fallen by over 5% since the trade war began and there is a chance that it could fall further. The reason for the fall is not only due to loss investor fleeing to the safety of the USD. It is also because the Australian economy is tightly aligned with the Chinese economy so any threat to the Chinese market translates to being threatening to the Australian market. As we know China buys a lot of resources from Australia and in turn Australia buys heaps of manufactured goods from China such as jigsaw mats and foam mats. Indeed the raw materials that goes into making a jigsaw mats most likely come from Australia.

Rising Costs of Raw Material

The tariffs being proposed by both player in this trade war can also have an impact on raw material pricing. As the Chinese seek to limit the import of raw material from the US it has a tendency to drive up the price of raw material for other countries. By placing barriers on those material supplied my mines and wells in America it means that those coming from other markets are in more demand. This is because China is by far the largest consumer of raw material in the world so disruption in supply chains will invariably have an effect on pricing. As such raw material necessary for the manufacture of various gym mats become more expensive which are then passed on to the consumers.

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AUD falls

Market Watch and Gym Mats

The US dollar was the main mover with the Australian Dollar closing higher for the third day in a row. The US dollar index gave up 0.35% as it continued to drift lower from its fourteen month high. Also the Australian Dollar lifted by  0.35% against the NZ Dollar. The other Aussie crosses were little changed. Overall it the AUD has stabilised after falling somewhat over the last few weeks.

The USD’s drop was initiated by Federal Reserve member Bostic saying he expected only one more rate hike in 2018. He predicted three rate hikes at the beginning of the year, saying he was open to a fourth if the economy grew fast enough. However trade tensions have provided downside risk. Markets still believe two rate hikes are on the cards, in September and December.

Politics has returned to the fore with Malcolm Turnbull facing a real leadership challenge. The nuances of politics are for other platforms but this kind of instability can unsettle the currency. Typically a quick move to change leadership contains the damage but a protracted situation could destabilise the Aussie dollar.​

Although the dollar has come down a bit over recent weeks it is yet to effect the price of jigsaw mats. The price of jigsaw mats is still stable and they are well priced. As Ezy Mats have large stock quantities in their expansive warehouses they are able to ride out any fluctuation in the currency market. The large range of gym mats also makes it easy to contain pricing.

jigsaw mats

Market Watch EVA Foam Mats

In market watch EVA foam mats we examine recent moves by president Donald J Trump and its effect on markets. Particularly the EVA foam mats and gym mats segments. Donald Trump’s recent moves with tariffs and trade barriers have had a remarkable effect on the US dollars value against other currency.

This has been accompanied with severely fluctuating equity markets which have been spoked by the prospect of a trade war with China and America’s other trading partners. All of this has had an effect on USD / RMB exchange rate with the Chinese currency climbing against the USD. 

The USD rise and fall of others

When the USD loses value against the Chinese currency it inevitably leads to a rise in manufactured goods as they become costlier in USD value. Fortunately the USD / AUD exchange rate hasn’t fluctuated so much so that the rise in imported goods from China have not risen so much.

The same can be said about EVA foam mats which have also been effected by recent market fluctuations. Although Ezymats have been able to absorb some of the price rises there has been an effect on the price of 40mm EVA foam mats.

What will Donald Trump do next?

There is a likelihood that the recent moves by the Trump administration is just a bargaining ploy designed to extract better trade deals for the USA. If that is the case then it is hoped that the currency fluctuations and general market fluctuations will settle down and the effect on EVA foam mat pricing with be limited.

Market Watch EVA Foam Mats

Market Watch EVA Foam Mats