Market Watch EVA Foam Mats
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Market Watch EVA Foam Mats

In market watch EVA foam mats we examine recent moves by president Donald J Trump and its effect on markets. Particularly the EVA foam mats and gym mats segments. Donald Trump’s recent moves with tariffs and trade barriers have had a remarkable effect on the US dollars value against other currency.

This has been accompanied with severely fluctuating equity markets which have been spoked by the prospect of a trade war with China and America’s other trading partners. All of this has had an effect on USD / RMB exchange rate with the Chinese currency climbing against the USD. 

The USD rise and fall of others

When the USD loses value against the Chinese currency it inevitably leads to a rise in manufactured goods as they become costlier in USD value. Fortunately the USD / AUD exchange rate hasn’t fluctuated so much so that the rise in imported goods from China have not risen so much.

The same can be said about EVA foam mats which have also been effected by recent market fluctuations. Although Ezymats have been able to absorb some of the price rises there has been an effect on the price of 40mm EVA foam mats.

What will Donald Trump do next?

There is a likelihood that the recent moves by the Trump administration is just a bargaining ploy designed to extract better trade deals for the USA. If that is the case then it is hoped that the currency fluctuations and general market fluctuations will settle down and the effect on EVA foam mat pricing with be limited.

Market Watch EVA Foam Mats

Market Watch EVA Foam Mats

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