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Market Watch EVA Foam Mats

In market watch EVA foam mats we examine recent moves by president Donald J Trump and its effect on markets. Particularly the EVA foam mats and gym mats segments. Donald Trump’s recent moves with tariffs and trade barriers have had a remarkable effect on the US dollars value against other currency.

This has been accompanied with severely fluctuating equity markets which have been spoked by the prospect of a trade war with China and America’s other trading partners. All of this has had an effect on USD / RMB exchange rate with the Chinese currency climbing against the USD. 

The USD rise and fall of others

When the USD loses value against the Chinese currency it inevitably leads to a rise in manufactured goods as they become costlier in USD value. Fortunately the USD / AUD exchange rate hasn’t fluctuated so much so that the rise in imported goods from China have not risen so much.

The same can be said about EVA foam mats which have also been effected by recent market fluctuations. Although Ezymats have been able to absorb some of the price rises there has been an effect on the price of 40mm EVA foam mats.

What will Donald Trump do next?

There is a likelihood that the recent moves by the Trump administration is just a bargaining ploy designed to extract better trade deals for the USA. If that is the case then it is hoped that the currency fluctuations and general market fluctuations will settle down and the effect on EVA foam mat pricing with be limited.

Market Watch EVA Foam Mats

Market Watch EVA Foam Mats

Donald Trump Trade War with China and Jigsaw Mats

Donald Trump’s Trade War With China Effect on Jigsaw Mats

Probably everyone has heard about Donald Trumps new tariffs against steel and now a whole range of goods worth $60 Billion against China. This is a trade conflict which has been brewing for some time now. Indeed Donald Trump was very vocal about his intention to fight China in trade and their perceived protection of their own industries. Now he has spoken with a whole range of tariffs and indeed China has reciprocated with its own. Donald Trump’s trade war will have consequences.


Donald Trump’s Trade War

Whilst the tariffs are only on Chinese goods entering the United States of America they are going to have a profound effect of global trade and pricing. China is a large purchaser of commodities from a range of countries including Australia. Any disruption to the supply chain can have a domino effect. So for example if China no longer needs as many such commodities then it may exert downward pressure on their prices. Similarly a cut in their own production might push prices higher for others.


The effect on jigsaw mats

How this will effect jigsaw mats remains to be seen. Jigsaw mats are manufactured from EVA which is a petroleum by-product. Therefore any movement in petroleum based products can have an effect on pricing. But on the other hand if Chinese access becomes to the US market becomes limited there may be excess supply of jigsaw puzzle mats which could push prices lower for the rest of the world. So as you can see the effect that Donald Trump’s new protectionist policies have on global jigsaw mat pricing is varied.

The same can be said about all types of gym mats. With the exception of some mats, like Zebra Mats which are manufactured in Germany, and other specialist mats, most gym mats are manufactured in China these days. Indeed most low cost products are manufactured in China or other countries in Asian. So if there is a disruption to the markets then one would expect an effect on the pricing of such products. What effect they will have we will have to wait and see.

flag of The United States of America

Donald Trump and EVA Interlocking Jigsaw Mats

As you may very well know the elections are coming up in America. The two candidates for the election look to be Hillary Clinton and Donald Tump. The election looks to be a very entertaining election and many people think there could be repercussion if either candidate should win. There has been a lot of discussion about Donald Trump and what may happen if he wins the election. Of particular concern is is stance on trade.

It is our belief that the election of Donald Trump (or Donaldo Trumpo as he in know in Latin America) should not have any significant effect on EVA interlocking jigsaw mats. Most of the mats in the world are manufactured in China or Taiwan. There may be mats manufactured elsewhere but not in significant enough quantities to make much different. There might be jigsaw mats that are manufactured in USA but I have not come across them so far. The same can be said about jigsaw mats in Australia and Europe.

If anything it may have a positive effect on EVA interlocking jigsaw mats for the consumer. If Donaldo should lift tariffs in America then there may be a glut of jigsaw mats on the market. On the other hand if his election should cause angst and fear in America (angst is the German word for fear BTW) then you may see a rush to purchase jigsaw mats for martial arts training etc. Either way I just don’t know if the election of Donald Trump (formerly Drump) will have any significant effect on the price or market for EVA interlocking jigsaw mats.

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