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Maybe Not Zebra Mats But Still Great Gym Mats

There are all sorts of mats suppliers out there supplying all sorts of mats. When it comes to protective mats a large segment is for children mats. That because when parents first have kids they are petrified that something is going to happen to their baby. They see it trying to walk and falling on its but so often they can’t help but think that it will cause them damage. That is why EVA play mats are so popular and by extension EVA mats. Indeed EVA mats are to most popular mats when it comes to kids mats primarily because they are so inexpensive and readily available. There is a whole industry revolving around supplying parents with goods for their new born and this includes EVA mats.

It the build of martial arts EVA mats are also very sort after, EVA jigsaw mats are the number one selling martial arts mats on the market. They are number one for martial arts for many of the same reasons that they are for kids mats. Not only are they ready available but they are inexpensive which make them ideal for people how are on a budget and just need good martial arts mats for their gym. Also they are pretty durable so you know they will last for years to come. If you were to visit any number of martial arts schools across this country you would be likely to find EVA mats in use.

Sometimes though people are looking for a premium type of mat and in those cases they might want to go with a vinyl mats. Vinyl mats such as Zebra Mats are higher up when you think about martial arts mats. They are the type of mats that you would find at a UFC gym or professional MMA gym. These kind of MMA mats are great for other activities but you will generally find them being used by professional organisations.  The good news is that you don’t have to fork out the amount you would normal for these kinds of mats. These days there are great suppliers out there of vinyl mats that don’t come with the excessive price tag. You would want to make sure that the mats are good though and asking for a sample is recommended before buying.



Black MMA Zebra Mat for martial arts and MMA

MMA Mats | Not Zebra Mats | New to Ezy Mats

Ezy Mats are happy to announce the introduction of MMA mats to our martial arts mats line up. MMA mats different from our standard     tatami mats which have been hugely popular with the grappling community. Our MMA mats come with a smooth vinyl surface which is ideal for mixed martial arts as it eliminates mat burn. These mats are very popular in MMA training where there is a combination or stand up martial art and grappling. 

Our MMA mats are not Zebra Mats. “Zebra Mats” are a trademark of Zebra Inc and are generally manufactured in Germany or the USA (I think). Our mats are manufactured in China and are a cost effective solution for MMA mats. Ezymats has been supplying tatami mats now for a number of years and we are confident that our MMA mats will be as well received as our tatami mats have been.

Our MMA mats are available in black and grey. Other colours can be special ordered. The mats are 2m x 1m x 40mm and come with:

  • Smooth vinyl finish
  • Compress foam inner
  • Non-slip rubber back

So if you are in the market for MMA mats call us today.