Puzzle Mats

Puzzle Mats

Ezy Mats is a supplier of a large range of puzzle mats. Whether you require a single puzzle mat or entire set up of puzzle mats then Ezy Mats has your needs covered. Our mats come in a number of different thicknesses. The thickness of the jigsaw puzzle mat is determines by the user and it is important to understand your needs before purchasing your mats.

Jigsaw Puzzle Mats

If you are taking part in a higher impact activity it might be a good idea to choose a thicker mats. On the other hand if the activity has a more mild impact on the body then a thinner mat might be sufficient to satisfy your needs. Either way we most likely stock the mats you require. We have EVA puzzle mats in the following thicknesses:

  • 10mm (EVA Stall Mats)
  • 20mm
  • 30mm
  • 40mm


Different Available Colours

The mats are also available in different colours so that you can match them to your needs. The mats come in dual colours making it easy for you to create boarders to allocate different areas in your gym. We have set colour available in our range but can supply other colours on special order. If you need a specific colour to match your gym or an event etc then we can supply on special order.

Generally special order mats have a lead-time or 6-8 weeks. We will ship mats with one of our containers which we have come on an almost weekly basis. Lead-times may be longer during holidays such as before Christmas and during and after Chinese New Year. It is important to contact us in advance regarding special order mats to ensure they get delivered in time. The available colours are:

  • Black / Red
  • Black / Grey
  • Blue / Red
  • Yellow / Black

Our EVA puzzle mats are also available in the tatami finish. The tatami finish is great for people that are looking for a more traditional look. The tatami finish is very popular for people that practice traditional martial arts such as judo, karate or aikido. That is not to say that they are not also suitable for other activities. The mats with the tatami finish also come in the colour options above.


What is a Jigsaw Puzzle Mat

A jigsaw puzzle mat is a mat or set of mats used in martial arts training. An EVA jigsaw puzzle mat is made of EVA foam which is an expanded foam which absorbs impact like jumping or falling. EVA is a form of plastic which has absorbing qualities which is ideal for reducing impact. It is an abundant but inexpensive material.

An EVA puzzle mat employs a jigsaw system which allow the puzzle mat to interlock with other mats. Unlike a jigsaw puzzle the mats come in a set pattern which makes connecting them very simple. You can install the mats in a permanent setting or simple pull them up when you are finished and put them in storage.


Interlocking Puzzle Mats

Our mats have the added benefit of being interlocking mats. This is the reason they are referred to as jigsaw mats as they lock into to each other for stability just like with a jigsaw. The main difference is that the pattern in uniform so that connecting them is straight forward.

Our jigsaw mats are easy to assemble for both short-term and long term martial arts and gym training areas. Also the interlocking mechanism allows for a stable floor once they are all connected. With non-interlocking mats the mats can come apart during training. They require a fixed boarder to keep the mats in place.

With interlocking mats this is not necessary as it is very difficult for the mats to come apart during training. Also EVA mats can expand and contract so it is important to allow for space around the boarder of the mats


Thicknesses & Sizes of The Mats

As mentioned above our EVA puzzle mats are available in three different sizes: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm. They are approximately 1m x 1m (slightly more with the boarder). Generally speaking (but not exclusively) the 20mm puzzle mats are used in activities where the is less fatigue and minimal falling and jumping. The user then may move to 30mm puzzle mat which is more jumping and some potential for light fall.

The 40mm mats are general required where there is falling and rolling around on the mats as with judo, MMA and jiu jitsu. As the intensity of the increase so too does the thickness. We can supply thicker mats upon request. For example if more protection is needed then we can manufacture 50mm or 60mm mats. A lead-time applies when ordering non-standard thicknesses.


Puzzle Mats Uses

Our puzzle mats are used for a cross-section of martial arts and activities including judo, jiu jitsu, wrestling, karate, tae kwon do, kick boxing, kung fu, aikido etc. They are also found in other areas such as aerobics, cross training etc. Pretty much anywhere where there is a need for safety flooring.

We also have vinyl tatami mats and MMA mats available for added durability. They are 2m x 1m and are 40mm thick. Our MMA mats are made in German under strict quality control conditions. The mats can be found in professional gyms and home gyms through out Australia.


Benefits Of Puzzle Mats

  • Easy to install
  • Simple interlocking puzzle system
  • Made from EVA foam
  • Duarable and easy to clean
  • Offer great protection and Comfort
  • Suitable for all forms of martial arts & gym training


Our training mats are also inexpensive which makes them suitable for any budget.


Contact Ezy Mats For Your Mats Needs

Ezymats endeavour to be the most economical supplier of interlocking mat and tatami mats in Australia. Should you find cheaper mats elsewhere we promise to do our best to match or beat any reasonable quote for the same product.

Ezymats also offer a number of other mats which include:

  • Tatami Mats
  • MMA Mats
  • Judo Mats
  • Yoga Mats
  • Gymnastic Mats
  • Roll Out Mats
  • Foldable Mats
  • Kids Mats
  • Crash Mats

Please contact Ezymats before making your purchase from another supplier and you won’t be disappointment. We are the premier supplier of training mats in the Australian market and ship mats Australia-Wide.



We offer both pickup and delivery options.

Mats can be picked up from our warehouse. We have a warehouse in Braeside in Melbourne. The warehouse is conveniently located in a central location for your convenience.

We also offer delivery options. Ezymats uses a number of different couriers and freight forwarders to ensure the most competitive freight cost. The cost of freight to your location can be calculated on our online freight calculator. You can also give us a call or email and we will calculate the most economical freight cost to your destination.


Puzzle Mats

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