Wall Mats – Black

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  • Quantity 1-10 : $77.00 / mat inc.GST.
  • Quantity 11-39 : $75.00 / mat inc.GST.
  • Quantity 40-99 : $72.50 / mat inc.GST.
  • Quantity 100 : $70.00 / mat inc.GST.


Size:1.83m x 0.61m x 50mm


Material:Vinyl / Compressed Sponge / Timber Back




Our wall mats are available in either black or blue. Please specify when ordering.

We have premium wall mats available for your gym. Wall mats provide added protection against injury whilst sparring or drilling your techniques. Wall mats or wall padding is just as important for grappling training as it is for standup activities like MMA, kick boxing, and other martial arts and gymnastics activities.

Our wall mats are available in black. Other colours are available on special order.

The mats have a 3cm lip on each end so they can be fastened to the wall. You can attached to the wall with either a screw / dyna bold or you can use an aluminium channel. 

  • SIZE: 1.83m x 0.61m x 50mm
  • FINISH:Smooth
  • COLOUR: Black
  • DENSITY: 150kg/cbm
  • MATERIAL: Vinyl / Compressed Sponge / Timber Back

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 183 × 61 × 5 cm


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