Wall Mats – Black

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  • Quantity 1-10 : $87.00 / mat inc.GST.
  • Quantity 11-39 : $85.00 / mat inc.GST.
  • Quantity 40-99 : $82.50 / mat inc.GST.
  • Quantity 100 : $80.00 / mat inc.GST.


Size:1.83m x 0.61m x 50mm


Material:Vinyl / Compressed Sponge / Timber Back




    Ezy Mats offer black wall mats. Our wall mats are available in either black or blue. Please specify when ordering. Other colours are available on special order.

    We have premium wall mats available for your gym. Wall mats provide added protection against injury whilst sparring or drilling your techniques. Wall mats or wall padding are just as important for grappling training as it is for standup activities like MMA, kick boxing, and other martial arts and gymnastics activities.

    The mats have a 3cm lip on each end so they can be fastened to the wall. You can attached to the wall with either a screw / dyna bold or you can use an aluminium channel. Whilst we do not offer an installation service our wall mats are pretty easy to install.

    • SIZE: 1.83m x 0.61m x 50mm
    • FINISH:Smooth
    • COLOUR: Black
    • DENSITY: 150kg/cbm
    • MATERIAL: Vinyl / Compressed Sponge / Timber Back

    Ezy Mats offer a full range of gym mats. If you are looking at setting up a new gym or are replacing existing mats we have you covered. We stock all types of floor and wall flooring which are essential for every professional gym. When you purchase from Ezy Mats you are buying from the name trusted by organisation Australia-wide.


    How to Install the Mats?

    The mats are easy to install. If you are unsure then it might be a good idea to employ a professional if you are unsure about doing it yourself. There are two common ways to install wall padding;

    • Channel – One way is to attached a channel to the top and bottom of the wall. The tip of the wall pads then fits into the channel cutting down the amount of times to need to screw into the wall. This method offers a clean finish as the screws or bolts are less visible. To change damaged mats you would remove the top channel and slot in the replacement mat.
    • Bolts / Screw – The most common method of installation is to screw or bolt the padding straight to the wall. With a lip on the top and the bottom of the mats it is easy to drill a hole through the mats and screw them into the walls. When you need to remove the mats or replace them then the process is easy. You should use a chalk line or string line to ensure your mats are straight.

    Some of the tools required when installing the wall padding include:

    • Hammer Drill – To drill holes for dyna bolts and screws.
    • Screw Gun – To make screwing easier.
    • String line – To maintain a straight line of mats. Run the string the length of the wall.
    • Chalk line – Same as above. The chalk line can be removed after applying the chalk to the wall.
    • Hammer – To bang in the dyna bolt and plastic dowels.
    • Socket Set – For screwing in dyna bolts.
    • Spirit level – To keep the mats level during installation.

    Aways used a trained or licensed professional to install your mats.


    Additional information

    Weight 12 kg
    Dimensions 183 × 61 × 5 cm


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