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EVA Mats Police Training

Ezymats Preferred Jigsaw Mats For Law Enforcement Training

EVA jigsaw mats your trusted supplier.

Ezymats jigsaws are the preferred mats for many law enforcement facilities. Ezymats currently supplier EVA jigsaw mats to a number of law enforcement organisation for training purposes. Ezymats ships interlocking mats to a number of locations through out Australia. Ezy mats also supplies jigsaw mats to detention centres and correctional facilities for training.

When purchasing your EVA jigsaw mats trust the mats that are trusted by those who protect our community.

Foam Mats for Pole Dancers

New Foam Mats for Pole Dancers

Ezymats foam mats were recently installed at Pole Fitness Studios at Canterbury. The black/grey 40mm foam mats were installed in the pole dancing training area to provide support for the students and trainers. The foam mats were successfully installed and look great with positive feedback received.

Pole Fitness Studios is run by experienced pole dancing instructor Angela Perry. The Studio is located in Canterbury close to the train station. Pole dancing classes are held throughout the day from Monday to Saturday. Classes at Pole Fitness Studio are a great way to keep fit and are lots of fun.

Contact details are: 193 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury + 0404 860 265

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

Yatama Technology premium promotional iPhone 6 covers

Yatama Technology has a new range of premium iPhone 6 covers. Their covers are available for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The new range includes a number of different materials including plastic, PU leather, TPU and silicone. Printing options are screen print, digital print, water transfer and pad printing.

Brazil Beat Croatia as expected in World Cup opener

Despite an own goal by Marcelo Brazil was able to beat Croatia 3-1 in their  FIFA World Cup opener. The own goal came as Marcelo was trying to defend again a strike. It was a shock to the Brazilian but they were able to retain their composure and score another two goals.

The Croatian played remarkably well and it was only through some dubious decisions that they didn’t score any goal. They played hard and had the Brazilian fighting to defend their goal.

Ezymats are great supporters of the ethos of the World Cup.

Technology Collection

Yatama Technology to open office in China

Yatama Technology is on track to open an office in Shenzhen China in June. The company, which currently has offices in Sydney Australia and Gelnhausen Germany, will be opening an office in Nanshan District in Shenzhen.

Yatama Technology is a leading supplier of promotional electronics and IT accessories. The move is designed to improve logistics and give their customer better access to products.

Apple - Ezymats - Jigsaw mats - Gym Mats

Apple to buy Beats for $3 Billion

Apple has announced finally that it will be buying Beats for $3 Billion. Apple will pay $2.6 billion up front, plus another $400 million over time. Apple’s getting stylish hardware from Beats Electronics and a streaming service with Beats Music.

The winners of the deal are Beats co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, both successful music producers who launched the company back in 2006 and quickly grew it via celebrity endorsements.Iovine described the deal as a match made in heaven. He said the whole Beats concept was inspired by Apple’s perfect blend of culture and technology.

Neither Apple nor Beat currently sell jigsaw mats, gym mats, wrestling mats, judo mats or EVA mats. Ezymats, based in Belmore Sydney, is a leading supplier of training mats.

Gymnastics Mats For Training

Gymnastics Mats For Training

Mats are used for safety in gymnastics, and in training new skills. They are usually a piece of foam ranging from 1.5-28 inches thick, covered in a vinyl or plastic lining. The foam ranges in density from relatively firm to very soft.

Landing mats are usually blue, but can also be almost any other color. Mats come in a range of sizes, from very small mats used on the beam, to very large mats, used in the foam pits.

Typically, in both competition and practice, the use of mats is mandatory. On every event except floor exercise, pommel horse and vault, gymnasts may use an additional landing mat, without deduction, which may be adjusted for distance.

Types of Gymnastics Mats

Beam pads

Gymnastics coach fastening a foam wrap to the balance beam.

This gymnastics coach is fastening a foam beam wrap to the balance beam.
These are thin mats that fasten around the balance beam. They are used only in training to give gymnasts training high-level skills additional protection and a wider landing space while working on the apparatus. Makeshift beam pads can also be constructed from soft mats placed over the beam surface, if necessary.


Blocks are firm, trapezoid or rectangular shaped mats. They can be attached to other blocks via velcro and straps. Blocks are routinely used as step-stools for gymnasts working on the bars or beam and as practice vaulting surfaces.

Crash mats

Typically, these mats are extremely thick and soft, and are used when an athlete is learning a new, high-impact skill.

Folding panel mats

These mats are thin, firm mats about twelve feet in length. They usually have alternating color panels and can be folded, stacked and attached to other mats via velcro strips at the ends. Normally used for practicing tumbling moves, these mats may be stacked to provide a protective surface for gymnasts working on the low balance beam, or provide a means for a gymnast to reach the bars or rings. They have a history of usage in gymnastics, martial arts and physical education classes. Schools generally purchase new folding mats once every 7 years. These mats are perfect for providing a level of protection for the body from high impact collisions with hard solid surfaces such as hardwood or concrete flooring. There are two main categories of foam used in these types of mats, cross-linked polyethylene foam and polyurethane foam.

Mats Foam Core

Polyethylene foam

Cross-linked polyethylene foam is a very solid and sturdy foam, when being used in a folding panel gym mat—it is generally accepted to be at a standard of 1 3/8″ thickness. Mats with this type of foam would be considered for professional use in sporting events.

The foam is firm, but not as firm as the cross-linked polyethylene foam used in 1 3/8″ thick models. Because of the lack of firmness mats made with this type of foam generally use specifically 2″ thick 100 ILD open cell 4.5 lb. density polyurethane foam. Generally accepted uses of mats with this kind of foam are practice venues, home use, and youth amateur sports events.


Each mat although maybe of different foam generally have similar vinyl enclosures. 14 to 18 ounce polyester laminated vinyl is generally used in all folding mat applications. The vinyl covers should be fire-retardant (class – A), puncture and mildew resistant and have antibacterial properties to help maintain good hygiene. Velcro on each end of the mat allows a near seamless connection to additional mats for tumbling runs or expansive areas.

Jigsaw Mats

Interlocking EVA foam jigsaw mats (also known as puzzle mats) have become very popular over the last few years. Jigsaw mats are much more affordable compared to the traditional vinyl and tatami mats and can be used for many activities that include, gymnastics, aerobics, acrobatics, cross-training, MMABJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)AikidoKempo, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, NinjutsuKung FuWing Chun, Yoga, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Capoeira, Kick Boxing and Boxing.

Jigsaw mats are also known as puzzle mats, jiu jutsu mats, wrestling mats, judo mats, karate mats, rubber mats, gym mats, tae kwon do mats, and gymnastic mats just to name a few.

Interlocking Mats

Interlocking jigsaw mats are easy to lay on any floor area are lightweight, easy to carry and durable. They offer a permanent or temporary cushioned floor solution for comfort and added safety. They are also increasingly popular for home gyms and children’s play areas.

Jigsaw mats are available in a variety of sizes. The sizes include 20mm jigsaw mats, 30mm jigsaw mats and 40mm jigsaw mats (which we have in stock). There are even 50mm mats jigsaw mats but they are rare.

Our jigsaw mats are of great quality and are easy to assemble. They are 1 metre squared in size and 40mm thick


Ranging from 4 feet x 8 feet to 6 feet x 12 feet, sizes usually only matter when limited by space or personal preference. In most cases – like in gymnastics – multiple mats are purchased to be strung together via Velcro to create the ultimate sure-footed tumbling experience.

Generally mats used for gymnasiums and gymnastics come in 2-foot-wide panels and is why many in the industry call them folding panel mats or folding mats. The 2-foot-wide panels allow for ease in both set up and clean up when using the mats to becoming the perfect compact size for storage.

Incline mats

Gymnast performing handstand on a folding incline.

This Gymnast performs a Handstand on a folding incline.
Also known as wedge mats, cheese mats or simply “the cheese,” are firm mats shaped like right triangles. They are mainly used to teach and train beginning and intermediate gymnastics skills such as rolls, walkovers and handsprings.

Springboard mats

These firm mats are used on vault. They are U-shaped and surround the springboard on three sides. In the event that the gymnast’s foot misses the springboard during his or her vault attempt, he or she can push off the mat for momentum and, hopefully, avoid a serious injury. Under the current Code of Points, these mats are mandatory for any gymnast performing a Yurchenko-style vault.

Landing mats

These mats are thin and soft, and are usually white or red in color to distinguish them from the other mats and floor exercise area. They are used on the floor exercise to lessen the “sting,” or impact, of tumbling run landings and for dismounts on the beam or floor. Sting mats are routinely used in training, but are only rarely used or permitted in competition.

Market Watch

WTI Oil rose to a three week high as government report showed stockpiles fell 592,000 barrels last week and US gasoline demand increased to six month highs. Gold rose to a one week high as mounting political unrest in Ukraine boosted demand for the metal as a safe haven asset.

US stocks fell from all-time highs sending benchmark indexes down from all-time highs as investors resumed selling in small cap and internet shares as company’s earnings were scrutinized. The S&P500 fell 0.50 percent after climbing above 1900 for the first time yesterday.

Yesterday’s trading session saw the Aussie Dollar make a short rally to test April’s highs coming from increased speculation the RBA will raise interest rates later this year. This fuelled more risk appetite buying and drove the market almost 50 points higher. However this was short lived as the overnight session managed to subdue this enthusiasm and we are now trading near yesterday’s open.

Overnight the main market mover was the US Dollar falling against a basket of major currencies for the first time in four days as Treasury yields declined on speculation the ECB will introduce easing measures to boost the EU economy by next month. The Euro slowed its recent selling as traders started to take profits following a solid week of selling waiting for further confirmation from tonight’s European Inflation numbers out of France and Germany.

The Greenback saw a better than expected PPI m/m number coming in at 0.6% compared to a forecast of 0.2%. This is a good indicator of consumer inflation, as this shows that when producers charge more for goods and services that the higher costs tend to be passed on the consumer. The market will be looking at Core CPI, Unemployment Claims and Philly Fed Manufacturing Index data tonight to see movements against the Aussie.

The jigsaw mats market is stable at the moment. There is sufficient supply even though demand is currently high. There continues to be demand from a broad range of users. May will see the arrival of yet another shipment of 40mm jigsaw mats for Ezymats. There is also talk of other thicknesses like 20mm and 300 and a high likelihood of vinyl mats hitting the market.

Judo Tatami Mats

Ezymats offer Special order Vinyl Judo mats

Ezymats are now offering vinyl Judo mats on special order. As well as our quality EVA jigsaw mats which we have in stock at our Belmore warehouse, we now offer Vinyl judo mats on special order as well. Delivery is around 4 weeks from order and minimum order quality is 48sqm.

Our judo mats have a tatami finish and are made of vinyl with an inner compressed sponge and anti skid bottom. They are available in 40mm and 50mm with density of 180kgs/cbm or 230kg/cbm. Sizes are either 1m x 1m or 1m x 2m.

Our judo mats are great for high impact sports and judo competitions. Colours available are green, red, blue and yellow.

Contact us for pricing and to place an order.

Ezy mats. Supplier of Jig saw mats.


EzyMats provides interlocking EVA foam jigsaw mats (also known as puzzle mats) have become very popular over the few years. Jigsaw mats are much more affordable compared to the old style mats and can be used for many activities that include, MMA, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) Aikido, Kempo, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Ninjutsu, Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Yoga, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Capoeira, Kick Boxing and Boxing.

Interlocking jigsaw mats are easy to lay on any floor area are lightweight, easy to carry and durable. They offer a permanent or temporary cushioned floor solution for comfort and added safety. They are also increasingly popular for home gyms and children’s play areas.

Our mats are of great quality and are easy to assemble. They are 1 metre squared in size and 40mm thick.

Our jigsaw mats come with blue on one side and another red on the other side. This is ideal for making varied colour patterns, borders, centrepiece and competitors starting position. Also the mat can simply be turned over if they are damaged.