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Market Watch

Overview of the Markets

The majority of European and American Equity markets finished in the green with only modest gains as the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 0.27% at 16,491.31, just shy of historical highs. The NASDAQ and S&P 500 also rose 0.52% & 0.37% respectively. The markets rallied on the back of further signs the world’s largest economy is still improving as US building permits rose to 1.08m over the 1.01m forecast.

Gold remained relatively unchanged with only a $0.20 decline to close the week at US$1,293.40 while WTI Crude Oil jumped $0.52 up to $102.02 a barrel.

Elsewhere tension are still at boiling point in the Ukraine as Civil War starts to look more and more likely with fighting continues to rage as we draw closer to the May 25th presidential elections.

The AUD finished up for the third straight week and continued its push for a fourth straight month of gains, the longest rally in 4 years for the Aussie currency. With the absence of any major data on Friday the AUD drifted within a tight range to close almost unchanged. With a relatively quiet week locally.

Jigsaw mats pricing remains stable. They will remain so as long as the dollar is strong. It has been consistently been trading above $0.93USD. The 40mm jigsaw mat pricing is between $25.00 and $30.00 per mat depending on pricing.

Market Watch

In local markets yesterday, there was little in the way of economic data releases although the fallout from the budget continues as opposition governments vow to block reforms citing a “budget built on lies” however the budget projections have had minimal impact on the markets thus far.

Across US markets yesterday it was another positive day with PPI, CPI, Philly Fed Manufacturing numbers and Unemployment claims all outperforming expectations. PPI figures, released overnight on Wednesday showed that prices have increased by 0.6% against an anticipated 0.2%. CPI data showed growth at 0.3% which is the biggest gain since June 2013 and unemployment claims fell to the lowest level since May 2007. The Philly Fed continued its recent run of form posting the third consecutive outperform with a 15.4 reading against the anticipated 13.9.

In Europe, data continues to disappoint with CPI numbers as expected but well short of the ECB target inflation of 1% Italian GDP actually showed a contraction of 0.1% against an expected gain of 0.2% although Germany outperformed slightly with 0.8% gain against a 0.7% expectation. The continued sluggish growth in the region coupled with ongoing tensions in the Ukraine has given rise to speculation of potential interest rate cuts by the ECB to negative territory or a possible QE program as adopted by the US and UK. The announcement of their next move is expected on 5th June.

Elsewhere tensions continue to rise between Russia and the Ukraine with the Ukraine pushing on with operations to remove separatists from eastern borders. If Russia was to disrupt elections in the Ukraine, the US and other allied forces would impose further sanctions on Russia, already suffering from slower growth as a result of current sanctions.

No local data today but the Chinese Foreign Direct Investment number out at lunchtime might spark some much needed movement. The number, which represents the total investment capital made by foreign enterprises, economic organizations and individuals, above the previous read of 5.5% could see a boost for the Aussie in afternoon trading.