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World-Wide jigsaw mats shipping

New Shipment Arrives in Melbourne

We have a new shipment of mats in Melbourne arriving. The shipment consists of jigsaw mats. We had a 40′ container arrive today with jigsaw puzzle mats.

Mats in Melbourne


  • 250 x black/grey 40mm jigsaw mats
  • 300 x red/blue 40mm jigsaw mats
  • 300 x  black/red 40mm jigsaw mats
  • 150 x blue wall mats


We also have a container arriving on Monday which will consist of:


  • 500 x black/red 20mm jigsaw puzzle mats
  • 810 x red/blue 20mm jigsaw puzzle mats
  • 425 x red/black 30mm jigsaw puzzle mats
  • 500 x red/blue 30mm jigsaw puzzle mats
  • 100 x black/grey 30mm jigsaw puzzle mats


All the mats will be available for sale from Tuesday when they will have been unloaded and sorted in the warehouse. It is important for us to stock take the mats and to stack them so that they are easy to identify  when arranging them for delivery.  Our jigsaw gym mats are in high demand so be sure to reserve your mats.

Ezy Mats is a premium supplier of gym mats in the Australian market. We stock all your gym mats needs from floor mats to wall mats and everything in between. Contact our friendly staff today for all your matting needs.

Donald Trump Trade War with China and Jigsaw Mats

Donald Trump’s Trade War With China Effect on Jigsaw Mats

Probably everyone has heard about Donald Trumps new tariffs against steel and now a whole range of goods worth $60 Billion against China. This is a trade conflict which has been brewing for some time now. Indeed Donald Trump was very vocal about his intention to fight China in trade and their perceived protection of their own industries. Now he has spoken with a whole range of tariffs and indeed China has reciprocated with its own. Donald Trump’s trade war will have consequences.


Donald Trump’s Trade War

Whilst the tariffs are only on Chinese goods entering the United States of America they are going to have a profound effect of global trade and pricing. China is a large purchaser of commodities from a range of countries including Australia. Any disruption to the supply chain can have a domino effect. So for example if China no longer needs as many such commodities then it may exert downward pressure on their prices. Similarly a cut in their own production might push prices higher for others.


The effect on jigsaw mats

How this will effect jigsaw mats remains to be seen. Jigsaw mats are manufactured from EVA which is a petroleum by-product. Therefore any movement in petroleum based products can have an effect on pricing. But on the other hand if Chinese access becomes to the US market becomes limited there may be excess supply of jigsaw puzzle mats which could push prices lower for the rest of the world. So as you can see the effect that Donald Trump’s new protectionist policies have on global jigsaw mat pricing is varied.

The same can be said about all types of gym mats. With the exception of some mats, like Zebra Mats which are manufactured in Germany, and other specialist mats, most gym mats are manufactured in China these days. Indeed most low cost products are manufactured in China or other countries in Asian. So if there is a disruption to the markets then one would expect an effect on the pricing of such products. What effect they will have we will have to wait and see.

World-Wide jigsaw mats shipping

New Shipment of Jigsaw Mats Arriving Soon

Ezymats currently has a shipment of jigsaw mats coming to its Melbourne warehouse. The shipment is on the water and is scheduled to arrive in the next 2 weeks. The current shipment to our Melbourne warehouse consists of the following;

  • 20mm jigsaw puzzle mats
  • 30mm jigsaw puzzle mats
  • 40mm jigsaw puzzle mats

The colours available will be

  • Black / Grey
  • Black / Red
  • Blue / Red

Our Melbourne warehouse is now located in Cheltenham which is a central Melbourne location. The suburb is accessible via a number of major roadways. We also offer delivery if you are not able to come and pick up the jigsaw mats. Whether you need one jigsaw mat or a number of jigsaw mats we are here for you.

So if you are looking for jigsaw mats to deck out you home or professional gym then give us a call.


Victoria Police Use Jigsaw Puzzle Mats For Training

Jigsaw Puzzle Mats Favourite of Victoria Police

It is true that jigsaw puzzle mats have become very popular with organisational all around Australia. Whereas in the past their use has mainly been confined to use by martial arts schools they are now very popular with lots of different uses. Jigsaw puzzle mats are so popular because people now recognise the benefits of having a mat that is so versatile.

One such organisation is the Victoria Police Department. In the past Victoria Police have purchased a lot of jigsaw puzzle mats for their organisation. It is assumed that they are purchasing them to use for training purposes. They would have heaps of training facilities which would need to be equip with all sorts of protective and safety equipment to ensure the well being of their members. Training can be perilous at the best of times so this would be absolutely necessary.

To be sure they are not the only police department buys puzzle mats for their organisation. We have also sold mats to police department in NSW and other state. We have also sold to other similar such organisations.

So why would such organisations purchase mats. The main reason are believed to be:

  • Inexpensive to purchase and replace
  • Budgetary concerns
  • Easy and cheap installation
  • Variable colours

It can also be assumed that there would be other reason involved in this phenomena.

30mm jigsaw mats - blue/yellow

Three Thing To Know About Jigsaw Puzzle Mats

When buying mats for your home or school it is important to have peace if mind that you are buying good mats. There are lots of jigsaw puzzle mats on the market and unfortunately they are not all the same. Some suppliers are just in it for a quick buck and don’t care about what they are offering customers. Especially when you are purchasing from classified or web stores such as eBay it is important that you ask the right questions. Fly by night store often don’t have the same interest in maintaining standards that more established supplier such as Ezymats do.

When buying jigsaw puzzle mats it is important that you find a reputable supplier that has been in business for a number of years and have good product knowledge. When you buy from Ezymats you can buy with confidence. That is because we do our best to ensure that our factories manufacture according to our standards. The three things you should know when buying jigsaw puzzle mats from us is:

1) Our mats are non-toxic. We insist that our factories supply us with certification.
2) Our mats are CE certificate, SGS Test report approved to give you peace of mind.
3) We have imported jigsaw puzzle mats to Australia for several years. We have large base of satisfied customers.
So whilst you cam be sure that we will always look at being the most competitive supplier of jigsaw puzzle mats in the Australian market, we also commit to supplying a product that can be trusted.