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Market Watch

On Friday Market Volatility dropped to the lowest level since March 2013, when the AUD was at 1.05 against the USD. The gauge known as the VIX has retreated 47% since hitting a 14 month high in February.

US stock markets closed at a record high on Friday after a rise in new homes sales and a solid result in the Markit manufacturing purchasing managers index which increased to 56.2 in the month of May.

The Australian share market closed the week in positive territory, recovering from a mining led slump on Monday and Tuesday after iron ore dipped below $100/ton.

There is a public holiday today in the US and in the UK today which could leave the markets quite flat today.

There were some major political events over the weekend, firstly the election in Ukraine where Poroshenko has won the presidential election based on exit poll & the European parliament election was also held on Sunday. These elections did not really impact the markets.

Gold futures fell for the second time three days as a sign of recovery in the US economy curbed the demand & WTI Crude oil futures climbed to a five week high after US crude inventories tumbled.

AUD/USD faces the potential tailwind of a solid CAPEX report (Thursday) amidst a range‑trading and a heavy USD.  News of a successful “transition” in the Australian economy towards non‑mining business investment will be supportive for further gains in AUD/USD this week.  AUD crosses are likely to strengthen this week, particularly AUD/EUR, which may set a new high for the year.  The one exception to AUD cross strength isAUD/CAD, which is typically weak in May.

Jigsaw mat and gym mat futures are stable.

Market Watch

WTI Oil rose to a three week high as government report showed stockpiles fell 592,000 barrels last week and US gasoline demand increased to six month highs. Gold rose to a one week high as mounting political unrest in Ukraine boosted demand for the metal as a safe haven asset.

US stocks fell from all-time highs sending benchmark indexes down from all-time highs as investors resumed selling in small cap and internet shares as company’s earnings were scrutinized. The S&P500 fell 0.50 percent after climbing above 1900 for the first time yesterday.

Yesterday’s trading session saw the Aussie Dollar make a short rally to test April’s highs coming from increased speculation the RBA will raise interest rates later this year. This fuelled more risk appetite buying and drove the market almost 50 points higher. However this was short lived as the overnight session managed to subdue this enthusiasm and we are now trading near yesterday’s open.

Overnight the main market mover was the US Dollar falling against a basket of major currencies for the first time in four days as Treasury yields declined on speculation the ECB will introduce easing measures to boost the EU economy by next month. The Euro slowed its recent selling as traders started to take profits following a solid week of selling waiting for further confirmation from tonight’s European Inflation numbers out of France and Germany.

The Greenback saw a better than expected PPI m/m number coming in at 0.6% compared to a forecast of 0.2%. This is a good indicator of consumer inflation, as this shows that when producers charge more for goods and services that the higher costs tend to be passed on the consumer. The market will be looking at Core CPI, Unemployment Claims and Philly Fed Manufacturing Index data tonight to see movements against the Aussie.

The jigsaw mats market is stable at the moment. There is sufficient supply even though demand is currently high. There continues to be demand from a broad range of users. May will see the arrival of yet another shipment of 40mm jigsaw mats for Ezymats. There is also talk of other thicknesses like 20mm and 300 and a high likelihood of vinyl mats hitting the market.

Judo Tatami Mats

Judo Tatami Mats

Judo, literally meaning “gentle way”, was created in Japan, in 1882, by Japanese martial artist Jigoro Kano. Initially it was designed to compliment physical training for fitness but also for self defence. It gentle nature was a means for a smaller person to overcome a larger individual. Today though it is generally considered as a modern martial art which is also a popular Olympic sport. Judo is now popular throughout the world which is evidenced by the number of nations represented at international judo competitions.

The most Identifiable feature of judo is the competitive elements which come with it.  With judo the main objective is to either throw an opponent to the ground. From there one would seek to immobilise the opponent with a pin, or force an opponent into a submission like a joint lock or a choke. Strikes and thrusts by hands are not allowed in judo competition but can be used in a self defence situation.

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Judo Mats

Judo tatami mats have a tatami finish and are made of vinyl with an inner compressed sponge and anti skid bottom. They are available in 40mm and 50mm with density of 180kgs/cbm or 230kg/cbm. Sizes are either 1m x 1m or 1m x 2m.

Judo mats are great for high impact sports and judo competitions. Colours available are green, red, blue and yellow.


History of Tatami

The term tatami is derived from the verb tatamu, meaning to fold or pile. This indicates that the early tatami were thin and could be folded up when not used or piled in layers. Tatami were originally a luxury item for the nobility.

During the Heinan period, when the architectural style of aristocratic residences was consummated, the flooring of shinden-zukuri palatial rooms were mainly wooden, and tatami were only used as seating for the highest aristocrats.

In the “Kamakura period”, there arose the architectural style of residence for the samurai and priests who had gained power. This architectural style reached its peak of development in the “Muromachi period” zashiki (lit., room spread out for sitting), and rules concerning seating and etiquette determined the arrangement of the tatami in the rooms.

It is said that prior to the mid-16th century, the ruling nobility and samurai slept on tatami or woven mats called goza, while commoners used straw mats or loose straw for bedding.

Modern Tatami Mats 

Now tatami mats are widely used in judo and other japanese martial art. They tend to me constructed with vinyl and foam but have the same finish as traditional tatami mats.

The details for the mats that we have on offer are as follows:

  • Size – 1mx1mx40mm
  • Colours – Black, Grey
  • Density – 230kg/cbm
  • Finish – Tatami


Judo Mats Australia

Ezy Mats is the preferred supplier for these mats and other training mats though out Australia. When you think judo mats Australia think no further then Ezy Mats. We have helped dojos fit out there training areas both big and small. We have also assisted other organisations like MMA clubs, karate clubs, aikido clubs, tae kwon do clubs and kung fu clubs with there training area fit out. Each time our customers have been very satisfied with the results and you will too.

So our mats are used by all sort of martial arts organisations. Apart from Judo they are also used by jiu-jitsu, BJJm MMA, karate, wrestling and grappling just to name a few. They are made from heavy duty material and are sure to last for years to come. Our mats are used by organisations both big and small.

As well as these great mats we also offer other types of exercise mats which include:

  • Wall Mats
  • EVA Mats
  • MMA Mats

If you have any special requirement such as different colour or sizes by email us or give us a call and we will help you the best we can.



Tatami Mats

Judo Tatami Mats

Ezymats offer Special order Vinyl Judo mats

Ezymats are now offering vinyl Judo mats on special order. As well as our quality EVA jigsaw mats which we have in stock at our Belmore warehouse, we now offer Vinyl judo mats on special order as well. Delivery is around 4 weeks from order and minimum order quality is 48sqm.

Our judo mats have a tatami finish and are made of vinyl with an inner compressed sponge and anti skid bottom. They are available in 40mm and 50mm with density of 180kgs/cbm or 230kg/cbm. Sizes are either 1m x 1m or 1m x 2m.

Our judo mats are great for high impact sports and judo competitions. Colours available are green, red, blue and yellow.

Contact us for pricing and to place an order.