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Foam Workout Mats

Keep Fit During Winter

It has been a long summer so we have all had a lot of time to enjoy the great outdoors and keep fit. Even with the pandemic raging people were still able to go outside and go for a run. Now that it is colder we will need to confine ourselves indoors more. So the question is how do we keep fit during winter.

Fitness Mats Help You Train Longer

It is a scientifically proven fact (probably) that if you have Fitness Mats you will be able to train longer and harder with out sustaining injury. In fact having good fitness mats is the corner stone of any good fitness regime. If you look at all the great athlete and athletic teams you will see that they all have excellent facilities with top notch fitness mats.

Exercise Doesn’t Need to Be Daunting.

Sometimes people think that if you are going to keep fit that you have to take your body to the extreme. That could not be further from the truth. There are ways to stay fit and health whilst doing exercise without ruining your body. The best think to do it to moderate your train. Do what you can and build it up over time. Having Exercise Mats also helps a lot.

When it comes to exercise mats your do have options. You can always opt for our  Workout Mats which are a popular option. The good think about the workout mats is that you can hand them up when you are finished. That way you can get your workout mats out of the way when you are no using them.

A More Permanent Solution For Fitness Mats

A more permanent solutions to keep fit during winter is to get some Rubber Mats in your home or training area. Rubber mats are the kind that you lay on the floor and leave them there. They are relatively heavy so you would not want to be pulling up your rubber mats after every training session. Also they are the kind of mats that you would put heavy equipment on some that would make it even more unlikely that you would remove them.

Keep Fit During Winter

World-Wide jigsaw mats shipping

Market Watch – AUD and Jigsaw Mats

The USD was heavily sold in Thursdays session after the Feds meeting giving the AUD its biggest one day rise in over 2 years, this now seems like a massive over reaction and a correction taking he USD back to the top of the currency pile has seen the AUD/USD fall 200 points from its peak. Iron ore prices continue to weigh in on the commodity driven unit after failing to rebound off its weakest level since early 2009. The Australian share market also looks set to open up weaker this morning  following falls on wall street where energy stocks fell as well as the price of oil.

Whilst the falling Australian dollar has impacted on EVA jigsaw mats pricing, Ezymats still offer the most competitively priced jigsaw mats.

Market Watch – Australian Dollar

AUD lost 0.5% across the board yesterday ahead of the Unemployment Rate and Employment Change releases at 11:30 this morning. It traded slightly higher yesterday after Westpac Consumer Sentiment surprisingly jumped from 2.4% to 8% and Home Loans increase by the most since November 2013. It headed lower overnight as overseas investors anticipated a 0.1% increase in the Unemployment Rate to 6.2%. The number of employed people is also forecast to drop after three consecutive months of gains.

The price of our jigsaw mats are still holding steady. The recent fall in the dollar has not impact pricing for jigsaw mats at Ezymats. Ezymats still continues to be the best and cheapest supplier in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

Foam mats - EVA interlocking jigsaw mats

Jigsaw mats selling fast

Our latest shipment of EVA jigsaw interlocking gym mats is selling super fast. We have 20mm mats, 30mm mats, and 40mm jigsaw mats, all of which have proven popular with our customers. The mats start from a low price of $15.00 per square meter which is the lowest on the market. The mats are blue and red and come with edging on all four sides.