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Gymnastics Mats Explained

Interlocking Gymnastics Mats


If you’re looking for gymnastics mats for your studio or gym, here at Ezy Mats we supply a large range of interlocking gymnastics mats as well as tatami gymnastics mats which are perfect for any requirement.

Available in various thicknesses, which is determined by your needs, it is important to understand what you need before purchasing and the staff at Ezy Mats are the best place to start if you have any questions.


What is a Gymnastics Mat


Simply put, a gymnastics mat is a single mat (like our tatami mat) or a large section of mats (like the interlocking jigsaw mats) made of EVA foam which helps absorb impacts like jumping or falling. EVA foam is an expanded foam and offers plenty of support no matter which style of gymnastics you are undertaking.

Our gymnastics mats are like a jigsaw system, which means you can set up the floor how you like, interlocking each mat together. These mats are easy to pack up and store away, making them a great product whether you have a small studio or a large gym.

 Interlocking Gymnastics Mats

Ezy Mats’ gymnastics jigsaw mats have the benefit of being interlocking, which means you can connect as many mats together as you need, in the space that you have or the space that you need; they are simply referred to as jigsaw mats, as like a jigsaw puzzle, they lock into each other for stability.

Easy to assemble, easy to pack up, durable and comfortable – these are the mats you need for your gymnastics training areas.


Gymnastics Mats Thicknesses / Sizes


With three different sizes available, these gymnastics mats are suitable for a range of training purposes. Our mats come in 20mm, 30mm and 40mm thicknesses and in a size of 1m x 1m which will be able to be put together to fit in all room sizes.

How to choose your mat thickness? The 20mm mats are generally used in activities where the risk of falls and jumping is low – think warm up sessions, or children’s gymnastic classes. As you start to move up in the intensity of the gymnastics session, you will need to move up in thicknesses. The 30mm mats are great for activates where there is potential for light falls and jumping – like floor work. Our 40mm mats are then generally used for situations where falls might be more prevalent such as under bars or beams.

As the intensity in the workload increases, so to should your choice of mat thicknesses.


Gymnastics Mats Uses


The Ezy Mats gymnastics mat range is used across a large range of gymnastics training as well as in gyms. Our past customers have used the mats for floor work, aerobics, Pilates, cross-training, boot camp training and more. They are a great option for any gym. We also have vinyl tatami gymnastics mats for added support during more intense exercise or for more comfort for your Pilates or yoga session. These mats are durable and easy to clean and store.

At Ezy Mats, we aim to be the most economical supplier of interlocking gymnastics mats and tatami gymnastics mats in the Australian market. Should you find cheaper mats elsewhere, we’d love the opportunity to beat any reasonable quote for the same product.  


Benefits of Gymnastics Mats


There are many benefits to using foam jigsaw interlocking gymnastic mats including:

  • Easy to install
  • Simple interlocking puzzle system
  • Made from EVA foam
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Offer great protection and comfort for floor work
  • Provide a soft landing space for falls
  • Suitable for all forms of gymnastic training


Contact Ezy Mats for Your Gymnastic Mats Needs

Looking for some advice before purchasing your gymnastics mats? Contact Ezy Mats today and our staff members will be happy to answer your questions and ensure you purchase the right mat for your needs.

World-Wide jigsaw mats shipping

Market Watch – AUD and Jigsaw Mats

The USD was heavily sold in Thursdays session after the Feds meeting giving the AUD its biggest one day rise in over 2 years, this now seems like a massive over reaction and a correction taking he USD back to the top of the currency pile has seen the AUD/USD fall 200 points from its peak. Iron ore prices continue to weigh in on the commodity driven unit after failing to rebound off its weakest level since early 2009. The Australian share market also looks set to open up weaker this morning  following falls on wall street where energy stocks fell as well as the price of oil.

Whilst the falling Australian dollar has impacted on EVA jigsaw mats pricing, Ezymats still offer the most competitively priced jigsaw mats.

Market Watch – Australian Dollar

AUD lost 0.5% across the board yesterday ahead of the Unemployment Rate and Employment Change releases at 11:30 this morning. It traded slightly higher yesterday after Westpac Consumer Sentiment surprisingly jumped from 2.4% to 8% and Home Loans increase by the most since November 2013. It headed lower overnight as overseas investors anticipated a 0.1% increase in the Unemployment Rate to 6.2%. The number of employed people is also forecast to drop after three consecutive months of gains.

The price of our jigsaw mats are still holding steady. The recent fall in the dollar has not impact pricing for jigsaw mats at Ezymats. Ezymats still continues to be the best and cheapest supplier in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

Foam mats - EVA interlocking jigsaw mats

Jigsaw mats selling fast

Our latest shipment of EVA jigsaw interlocking gym mats is selling super fast. We have 20mm mats, 30mm mats, and 40mm jigsaw mats, all of which have proven popular with our customers. The mats start from a low price of $15.00 per square meter which is the lowest on the market. The mats are blue and red and come with edging on all four sides.

Australian Dollar – Jigsaw mats / Gym Mats

The AUD has seen a quiet week of movement trading sideways in a 50 point range against the USD. The AUD opened stronger before losing most of its gains to start this morning. There were 2 data releases for the AUD  with the Melbourne institute’s lending index having little to no effect. The second piece of data, Construction Work numbers, came in better than expected which saw a push upwards for the AUD.  The weeks trend looks to continue with the market seeing very low volatility.

The stable dollar is good news for the price of imported gym mats and jigsaw mats.