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Gymnastics mats for home training

Types Of Gymnastics Mats for Home Training

Gymnastics gives a valuable social education and fun experience. Moreover, it provides a perfect opportunity to learn about fair play, sportsmanship and dedication. To master its basic skills, you must be patient, dedicated and well-prepared. Doing gymnastics regularly therefore helps people learn to work hard to achieve their goals. Having gymnastics mats for home training […]

Roll Out Gymnastics Mats

Roll Out Gymnastics Mats

The Roll Out Gymnastics Mats are the ultimate gymnastics mats. These mats topped with a nice felt finish above compressed foam  and can be rolled out whenever need. They are easy to store and even easier to carry. They come in different lengths to suit your training area. Roll Out Gymnastics Mats can be connected […]

Tatami Mats and MMA Mats more expensive

Market Watch Gymnastics Mats And Tatami Mats

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interlocking gym mats

Gymnastics Mats Explained

Interlocking Gymnastics Mats   If you’re looking for gymnastics mats for your studio or gym, here at Ezy Mats we supply a large range of interlocking gymnastics mats as well as tatami gymnastics mats which are perfect for any requirement. Available in various thicknesses, which is determined by your needs, it is important to understand […]

Gymnastics Mats

Gymnastics Mats Ezy Mats is a supplier of a large range of gymnastics mats. Whether you require a gymnastics or gymnastics mats Ezy Mats has you covered. Our mats are great for training and other physical activity. They help reduce injury and make the training environment more comfortable. Below are an example of the mats […]

Gymnastics Mats For Training

Gymnastics Mats For Training

Mats are used for safety in gymnastics, and in training new skills. They are usually a piece of foam ranging from 1.5-28 inches thick, covered in a vinyl or plastic lining. The foam ranges in density from relatively firm to very soft. Landing mats are usually blue, but can also be almost any other color. […]

Gymnastics Fold Out Mats

Gymnastics Fold Out Mats

Gymnastics Fold Out Mats are great for dance, yoga, gymnastics training, and pilates. These foldable gymnastics mats are a great addition to anyones training regime. Gymnastics is a fun activity which you will love to practice at home. Using this foldable gymnastic mats will help you minimise injury and better define your training area. Gymnastics […]