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EVA interlocking jigsaw rubber gym mats

The Right Grappling Mats Supplier

The fastest growing combat sport in Australia at the moment is grappling. Whether it is BJJ, judo, jiu-jitsu (ju jutsu) or plain old wrestling, grappling arts are currently exploding all over the country.     Grappling arts have become so popular ever since the advent of MMA or mixed martial arts as it is otherwise know. This probably explains why a new BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) club is open almost every other day. With all the coverage you find on television and the internet it is no wonder it has become so popular.

Even so it is not that easy to set up a grappling or BJJ club. Sure one of the most important things you need is the actual skill. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry can open a BJJ club for example. First you need to have the correct qualifications such as a black belt or coaching credentials. The other thing you need is the right premises. You need a lot of room if you want to practice grappling as you need room to roll around with your training partner. The other thing you most definitely need and can train without is the right equipment.

To find the right equipment you first need to find the right suppliers and the most import supplier is the one that is going to supply you with your training mats. Training mats are the most crucial aspect of any grappling gym. Without out your training mats you are just a chump. You can’t just use any old training mat either. You need good training mats which are going to survive the test of time. You need mats on the floor. You need mats on the wall. Most of all you to be on the ball.

Tatami Mats are one of the most popular mats for professional gyms. Tatami mats have a tatami finish which is important for traditional grappling clubs such as jiu-jitsu schools and judo schools. They like the tatami finish because it makes them feel like they are in Japan training in one of those traditional style dojos. For people that don’t feel an affinity with the traditional schools there is always the option of the smooth surface. These mats we call MMA mats even though they are just tatami mats without the tatami finish.

If you are going to open a professional grappling school in Australia then you can’t go by Wall Padding. Firstly there are probably OHS issues which need to be abided by. At the end of the day you don’t want some schmuck crashing into the wall during training and injuring themselves. A training hall without wall padding or wall mats is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. That probably explains why any good school will have wall padding on the wall. Lot also have mirrors so you can check you hair while training but mostly they have wall padding and wall mats.

So when you think about  Grappling Mats Australia  then you should be thinking about when to get the best mats for your grappling institution. Yes there are grappling schools all over the place now but you don’t want to be one of those dodgy ones that aren’t fit out properly. Consumers these days are smart and they know they don’t have to settle for second best when only the best will do.

These are tatami mats for martial arts training and judo.

Heavy Duty Tatami Mats

At Ezy Mats we have a large range or gym and training mats. Our mats are sort after by organisations throughout Australia. We supply EVA foam mats, MMA mats, wall mats and tatami mats. We have a number of colour options which can be combined or used on there own. We ship out mats through out Australia or they can be picked up from our Sydney or Melbourne warehouses.

One of our most popular mats is tatami mats. These mats are traditional used by judo organisations as it resemble the tradition mats historically used in Japanese martial arts. The mats have a tatami finish which is a very distinct pattern. Traditionally they were made with straw and can still be found in Japanese homes and some diehard Japanese martial arts school. The vast majority have long switched to the modern day variant.

The mats are not only used by Judo schools. A large variety of martial arts activities now use tatami mats. They are sort after for the protection they provide during training. Also users like the grip that the tatami pattern provides which is especially advantageous with standing arts. We also have lots of non-martial arts customers who enjoy the durability of the product and the professional look they add to their training area.

Tatami mats have a traditional tatami finish and are made of heavy duty vinyl with an inner compressed sponge and anti skid bottom. They are available in 40mm with density of 230kg/cbm and are 1m x 2m. Tatami mats are great for high impact sports. They are idea for judo, jiu-jutsu, aikido and other martial arts. They are good quality mats which are sure to last you for years to come. They are suitable for both training and competitions.

Colours available are black and grey.

Other colours and thickness are available by special order. Extended lead-times and additional pricing may apply.