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The Jigsaw Mat and Gym Mat Champions

Ezy Mats are the Jigsaw Mat and Gym Mat World Cup Champions of the world. Although it is not official what is true is that Ezymats has the best range of jigsaw mats and gym mats for all training. Not only do we supply the right jigsaw mat thickness for you but have different colours as well. But don't take out world for it. check out our range online and you will see. Also our large range of cu..Read more

Croatia Runners Up in Football World Cup 2018

After an almost perfect run in the 2018 World Cup in Russia Croatia were the runners up in a nail biting contest against France. In what was one of the best finals in living history France were able to prevail in somewhat controversial circumstances which say the Croatian side lose the only game in this years world cup. Albeit in the final. What started as a promising game the Croatians dominat..Read more

The Benefits of Installing Jigsaw Mats In Your Commercial Gym

The Benefits of Installing Jigsaw Mats In Your Commercial Gym If you are setting up a commercial gym, it is crucial that you choose every single feature and installation with care and attention to detail. After all, the space will see a significant amount of traffic and use. Investing in good quality products for your gym is one of the best ways to get a good return on investment as well as mak..Read more

Tatami Mats Respected Flooring By Japanese Sensei

The Ezymat Tatami mats are one of our more popular products we can offer. They are high-quality training mats which are high above the quality standard and we guarantee that any dojo or training facility with different programmes and types of training will have no problem using them. It can be also used as standard flooring for your home, it’s not just for dojos! The mats are praised for thei..Read more

Jigsaw Mats vs. Standard Exercise Mats

When you run a gym you need to make sure it has all the latest equipment and amenities. That is the one way to ensure you provide a safe environment for the members. Not only will this help improve your reputation, but will also attract more clients to your gym. Jigsaw mats are a very important aspect of a gym and there are a number of reasons to choose these over standard mats such as: Comfo..Read more