Rollout Mats Combo vs Puzzle Mats
Rollout Mats Combo vs Puzzle Mats

Rollout Mats Combo vs Puzzle Mats

Rollout Mats Combo vs Puzzle Mats

There has been a lot of discussion lately going on about what the best mat for a home setup. Especially since we introduce our rollout mats combo there has been a lot of excitement but also comparisons between them and puzzle mats which is what people also rely on when setting up a home gym. Really though it is a matter of preference and a few other factors which need to be considered. When deciding rollout mats combo vs puzzle mats it really pays to check them both out.

Benefits of Rollout Mats

Where do I begin? These mats are so great it is sometime hard to know where to start. To begin with that are a very good quality mat. It is basically a heavy duty vinyl over a foam base. The construction is of the up most quality so these mats are sure to last. If you so some heavy hitting activity such as fitness or martial  arts it is a definite advantage. It is probably why people such as BJJ and MMA practitioners love our rollout combo mats so much. Even with wrestling boots they can take the punishment. So you know when you get these mats they are sure to last.

The other thing is they are easy to clean. If you do an activity where there is a lot of sweat then this is especially advantageous. You will appreciate it more if you engage in grappling where you are close to the floor and need to be able to clean up puddles quickly. That and the fact that they are easy to roll up and put away make them a fantastic choice. The two mats join together using a velcro system which make putting them in storage or making way for another activity so much easier.

Some of the benefit include:

  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Quick assembly and storage
  • Great looking
  • Comfortable to train
  • Tatami finish

Benefits of Puzzle Mats

Puzzle mats have been a mainstay of the fitness industry for decades now. They were really the first mass appeal train mat and it is not hard to understand why. Heap of organisations use them in a professional capacity which is why they are trusted by home gyms as well. Puzzle mats are a versatile product which has great appeal with fitness enthusiast and martial artist. Main suppliers stock them but now as much as Ezy Mats, who have the largest range in the country.

Again with puzzle mats the list of benefits is often too long to list but I will try. Firstly they are an highly economic option when looking at training mats. Puzzle mats are made from EVA which is an inexpensive material. What that means its that you get more bang for your buck. Whether you are decking out an area large or small the cost with be acceptable. This is especially appealing when replacing old mats because you know you are getting value for money.

There is also the issue of range. With puzzle mats you have such a huge range of colour options and thicknesses. Being spoilt for choice is a good thing in this case as it means you are better able to match the mats to your training intensity and decor. With schools this mean better aligning the mats to their brand identity. At home it means finding something suitable for your interior design goals.

The Choice is Yours

Which ever way you chose to go the choice is ultimately yours. Having such great options when it comes to setting up your home gym certainly helps.


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