Britain and China sign RMB pact

Britain and China sign RMB pact

Britain and China have signed an agreement to set up a clearing service for RMB trading in London on Monday. The deal comes days after Germany signed a similar deal with the Chinese. The deal allows both countries to trades convertible RMD.

Trade in the Chinese currency is currently restricted to just a few countries. This is part of the reason for friction with some of its trading partners who claim restricted trade in the RMB keeps its value artificially low. The Chinese dispute this rather pointing to a gradually inclusion in global currency markets.

Eymats CEO believes that it is only a matter of time before the RMB is fully convertible thus stream-lining trade between China and it’s trading partners. “I see a gradual loosening of China’s currency trading policy which will see ¬†China increase it’s share ¬†for payments moving past the Swiss Franc which is currently seventh on the scale” says CEO. The American dollar or USD as it is known is the leader of the pack.

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