MMA Mat and BJJ mats are great for Wrestling Mats


Wrestling is a term which is derived from the Old English word “wræstlunge“. Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling techniques such as clinch fighting, throws,  takedowns and other grappling techniques. There are a varied range of styles present in most cultures and civilisations of the world. Wrestling techniques are often incorporated into other martial arts and military hand-to-hand combat systems.

It the past wrestling took place either in the sand, on a field or in an arena. These days wrestling competitions take place in a sporting gymnasium or stadiums if they are larger competitions. Wrestling is also an Olympic sport and is very popular in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and North America.

Westlers usually train in a gymnastic on vinyl mats or synthetic mats. They are usually roll-out wrestling mats which are easy to install and remove. Some wrestlers train on EVA Wrestling mats as well.

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