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Interlocking Versus Non-Slip Bottom

Interlocking Versus Non-Slip Bottom

Interlocking Puzzle Mats Versus Non-Slip Bottom Tatami Mats

When it comes to decking out your gym it can sometimes be hard to decide which are the best. There are so many option out there that it can be confusing. Even when you nail it down to just two options, like puzzle mats and tatami mats, it still requires some thinking. Whilst opinions may vary regarding Interlocking Versus Non-Slip Bottom mats there are some truths that need to be considered before making a choice.

Interlocking Mats And Their Benefits

The two main options when buying gym mats is interlocking mats and non-interlocking mats. The main kind of interlocking mats is Puzzle Mats. With puzzle mats you have the advantage of the mats being able to interconnect with on another. This is great because once you lay you mats together you don’t have to worry about them coming apart.

When you are training there is nothing more annoying than having to stop and readjust your mats. Also you run the risk of getting you toe stuck between the mats which in itself can be dangerous. So having puzzle mats generally eliminates those issues. This is a great time saving feature which is why they are so popular.

What About Non-Slip Bottom Tatami Mats

Another great option in reducing the need for readjusting mats during training is having Tatami Mats.  With these mats you have a rubber non-slip bottom which helps prevent movement during training. Now if might not eliminate it entirely, depending on the surface below, but it will reduce it greatly.

It wasn’t the case that Tatami Mats always had a non-slip bottom. In the beginning that were just two sided mats like the ones you see in school gymnasiums. The invocation of putting the non-slip bottom on tatami mats came later. Now it is almost universal on these kinds of mats including MMA Mats.

So there you have it. Hopefully enough of your questions have been answered when making the choice between puzzle mats and tatami mats.