Tatami Mats
Tatami Mats

Tatami Mats

Tatami mats are actually traditional rush and cloth flooring that is unique to Japan. The former is woven in, and then the cloth is used to cover all the woven edges.  We at Ezy Mats also provide tatami mats, but with a difference. Click here to view our range. When you think tatami mats Australia there is only one brand you can truth. Ezy Mats!

The mat design is inspired by the Japanese tatami mats and thus the name; they are made of vinyl but have a traditional tatami finish.  The other features of these mats are the anti-skid bottom and inner layer made of compressed sponge.

Tatami mats facts

  • These mats are available in different densities.
  • You have the option to custom order them too.
  • They are perfect for high impact sports like martial arts as well as other gym activities.
  • They can be used in competition settings as well as in training areas.
  • You can choose from black and grey and other colours can be made available on special order.
  • You can also custom order the thicknesses as per your requirement.
  • These mats don’t “stick” and they provide the perfect floor surface for physical training.
  • They also have very good absorption rates for the big judo throws.
  • There are fewer mat burns and it’s easier to pivot for kicks.
  • They do not absorb sweat odours, and resist bacteria build-up.
  • Versatile and look great in any type of setting.
  • Makes the floor forgiving and that means parents that send their kids to your martial arts school or fitness centre aren’t too worried about their children getting hurt while practising their chosen sport

No matter which way you look at it, tatami mats are a great option for high activity areas. They are resilient and long lasting and don’t require too much maintenance either. If you are looking for excellent quality tatami mats, Ezy Mats is the company to come to. We have a large collection of them and you can get in touch with us at (02) 97187424 or simply check out our range of tatami mats here.

Tatami Mats Australia

Tatami Mats Australia

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