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flag of The United States of America

Donald Trump American President

The TV personality Donald Trump has been elected the next president of the USA. He handily beat Hillary Clinton to the post by taking the largest number of states in the college vote. That does mean that he won college or even that it had anything to do will Trump University rather that he won the more electorates as they are called in our electoral system.

The effect of a Trump presidency may be huge depending who you ask. The effect could be both positive or negative. One thing is certainly true is that it will be an ‘interesting’ four years.

Some Trump policies as I understand them (may or may not be correct):

  • Deport Illegals
  • Spend lots of money
  • Cut heaps of taxes
  • Build a huge wall
  • Tweet as much as possible
  • Etc


Oh yes and Make America Great Again.

Now neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton have anything to do with jigsaw mats (as far as I know) but I am sure that more and more people will require interlocking jigsaw mats as a result.