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Jigsaw Mats vs. Standard Exercise Mats

Crash Mats For High Impact Training

High impact training involves intense bursts of activity, in which both feet are off the ground at the same time. This training is especially helpful if you are thinking about cardio workouts, martial arts and other sports activities. The amount of impact of your exercises can have a huge effect on how many calories you burn and how strong your bones are.

If you are interested in doing high impact training, you may want to consider the equipment used. Any move in HIT (High Impact Training) takes time and skill to learn well. Even professionals may still get it wrong infrequently. For this reason, you need crash mats to break your fall and keep you safe.

Crash Mats For High Impact Training


Judo training gives practical self defense, teaches humility and perseverance and develops mental toughness. This high impact training involves throws, takedowns, pinning and holding techniques.

Judo movements will be more effective when done on crash mats. These mats are manufactured using synthetic rubber, EVA, anti-slippery, high-quality covers and high density soft core foam. Thus, crash mats will allow practitioners to practice throws and take-downs.


Gymnastics is a fun sport that can improve strength, balance and body control. In a nutshell, it develops both the body and mind.

Gymnastic crash mats provide maximum shock absorption to keep the gymnast safe while performing fitness routines. The crash mats are designed with sponge core foam padding to protect the knees, wrists, elbows and back. The thickness of this mat is crucial to its performance. Many advanced gymnasts use crash mats to practice front and standing back tucks.

Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is a hybrid combat sport that includes jujitsu, boxing karate, Muay Thai, wrestling and other disciplines. It will improve your confidence, discipline, level of preparedness and level of fitness.

Our MMA training crash mats are designed with high quality polyurethane solid foam core and heavy-duty fabric, which are suitable in practicing landing during falls or throws. In addition, these mats provide impact protection and durability needed for intense training, grappling and self defense classes.

Police and Army Training

A police officer or a member of the military can benefit from performance training. This training focuses on boosting strength, cardiovascular and flexibility. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to learn essential skills that build discipline, time management, teamwork, determination and leadership.

Training mats are important tools in this type of training to create realistic simulations in a safe and protective environment. Crash mats create safe landings and safety factor for police and army training. Law enforcement officers use them for developing their techniques for physical combat without any risk of fall injuries. The mats are made from custom-formulated polyurethane foam to provide long-lasting performance.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are rolling, tumbling, jumping or just resting, the crash mats are always the suitable place to land. Day to day high impact training becomes smoother and effective, with less impact on bones and muscles. Younger bodies need a softer landing surface for takedowns. For older adults, crash pads offer safety cushion for bones, joints and muscles.

Crash Mat 1.8m X 1.2m X 60cm

The 40mm jigsaw mats preferred for high impact activities

The 40mm jigsaw mats have become the preferred mats for high impact activities. Whether it’s BJJ, judo, any and all martial arts, acrobatics or police training, the preference is for 40mm mats. Whilst thinner mats offer some protection, the price difference doesn’t justify limiting protection to save a few dollars. CEO from Ezymats says “I’ve trained for many year now and where ever I have trained we have always used 40mm mats”. Further “I speak to a lot of customers and they enjoy the added protection that 40mm mats provide. That why we at Ezymats recommend 40mm EVA jigsaw mats”. Ezymats have a store located in the suburb of Belmore in Sydney. They also delivery their mats Australia-wide.

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