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Foam mats fit together like foam mats which is why they also call them puzzle foam mats.

Foam Puzzle Mats Great for Cross Training

Traditionally people have tended to gravitate to one kind of exercise or the other. You either did boxing or aerobics, for example, but not necessarily both. Whilst any activity is better then none the dilemma of such an approach was that often people were neglecting a certain muscle group or part of there fitness component.

Cross-training in sports and fitness tries to resolve this issue by  involving a combining exercises to work various parts of the body. If effect it is the action of engaging in two or more sports or types of exercise in order to improve fitness or performance in one’s main sport. For example you may mix sprint training with weight training. In martial art cross training refers to mixing various martial art to improve one’s overall fighting ability.

A hard training regime can of be taxing on the body particularly the joins. Part of having an effective training regime is having the proper equipment. No equipment is more important than foam mats or puzzle mats. Foam mats are mats made from compressed foam. As the foam mat has some give it is able to absorb some of the impact of  jumping around thereby minimising fatigue on the body. One would tailor their gym floor mats according to the amount of impact involved with any activity. The hight the impact the thicker the foam mats.

Foam mats are also ideal for cross training as they are easy to assemble and light weight. Foam mats come in a puzzle formation which is why they are also referred to as puzzle mats. They are called puzzle mats as they are shaped like a puzzle and therefore come together like one as well. They can also be called puzzle foam mats for this very reason.

So next time you see someone cross-training don’t be surprised if you see them doing it in combination with puzzle foam mats. If they aren’t then give them a slap on the back and tell them about Ezy Mats and the great range they have on offer.