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March Shipment of Black & Grey Mats

There is a new shipment of black and grey jigsaw mats due to arrive around the 17th of March. This is fortunate as our stock has been running low due to a huge demand for our mats. After this shipment we have two more shipment leaving in quick concession. We have a 20' container leaving with a mix of 40mm mats which include black / grey, blue / red and black / red mats. Then about 2 weeks later we..Read more

Interlocking Martial Arts Mats By Ezy Mats

Interlocking Martial Arts Mats   Suppliers of a large range of martial arts mats, Ezy Mats is sure to have the product you’re looking for to fit out your training studio. Whether you require interlocking martial arts mats or tatami martial arts mats, Ezy Mats has your needs covered. We have supplied martial arts training schools across the country with the most economical interlocking j..Read more

Wrestling vs Wing Chun

It used to be the case that if a person chose to do a particular martial art that they stuck with it for a long time. Rarely did they delve into a new martial art as it was considered to be an act of disloyalty. I remember myself when I was training at a particular Wing Chun place in the city I was scolded when they found out that I was also training jiujitsu and kick boxing. My response at the ti..Read more

Eway Payments Back Online

For those that have experienced difficult making payment via our eWay portal I am happy to announce that it is back on-line. Ezymats prides itself on offering the best and easiest payment options to our customers of jigsaw mats and gym mats. The payment options that Ezymats offer are: Credit Card Paypal Direct Debit Cash Paypal You can also call us up and make payments over ..Read more

Ezy Lanyards For All You Custom Printed Lanyards

If you are look for some ID items for your next promotional campaign look no further the Ezy Lanyards. Ezy Lanyards is a sister website of Ezy Mugs and offers a huge range of printed lanyards, Wristbands and luggage straps. If you go to the website you will find the largest range of ID products in the market. Ezy Lanyards offer a great range of printing and branding option..Read more