Tatami Mats Arriving Soon
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Tatami Mats Arriving Soon

Ezy Mats have a new shipment of tatami mats arriving soon. Our next shipment of jigsaw mats and tatami mats is scheduled to arrive in the next to week. There will only be a limited supply of our vinyl tatami mats so reservations will be necessary. They will be available in grey and black which make for a very modern combination.

Tatami mats are a great option for people looking to add more permanent mats to their gym or dojo. The mats are made from durable vinyl and have a traditional tatami finish. The tatami mats are not only great value but are excellent quality. The mats are two meters by one meter which means they offer great coverage.

Tatami mats are suitable for a variety of activities including martial arts like judo, jiu-jitsu, aikido etc. They are also great for any physical activity where you require a durable mats that offers good protection from falls.

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