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flag of The United States of America

US Elections

Final The US elections are upon us. After months of arguing the people will finally chose the next leader of the “free world”. Will it be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The polls are pointing to a very tight election although Clinton seems to have the advantage.

Donald Trump beat a large field of contenders to be the Republican nominee. With his use of colourful language and and interesting interpretation of the truth he was able to sway the party member to give him the vote. While his methods may have been controversial he has managed inspire him follower.

Hillary on the other hand was able to defeat a communist and some guy nobody ever heard of to become the Democrat nominee. This was¬†certainly be a triump for democracy¬†to see such competition for the leadership in a country with over 300 million people. Congrats to the “Democrat” Party.

Well whoever wills we are sure to be in for a treat. It is great that the worlds only superpower is doing us all proud.