New Shipment of Fitness Mats and 30mm Jigsaw Mats
New Shipment of Fitness Mats and 30mm Jigsaw Mats

New Shipment of Fitness Mats and 30mm Jigsaw Mats

We are please to announce a new shipment has arrived of fitness mats and 30mm jigsaw mats to our Melbourne warehouse. As you all may very well know have have just moved into a new warehouse in Braeside in Melbourne. The new warehouse has given us a lot more room to move and opportunities to stock more mats. I have taken to the new opportunities with great enthusiasm and have ordered a lot of mats. Some would say I went a little overboard which is why we have four containers of fitness mats coming in the next month or so. That doesn’t even take into account what we have coming to Sydney.

Luckily we have a lot of customers that buy fitness mats from us. There is even a backlog of people needing 30mm jigsaw mats. It is great to see that the community is taking advantage of our pre-eminence as the leading supplier of fitness mats and particularly jigsaw mats in the Australia market. Indeed the name Ezy Mats has become synonymous with the work fitness mats. We are literally shipping out mats to all corners of this great land we live in.

Also coming in this containers are other size mats so you don’t have to worry. Once this container is unloaded and the next, our warehouse will literally be full of mats. That is great because we love to sell them and our customer love to buy them. It is a win win situation. Especially when you are Ezy Mats and people love buying your mats.

Our new shipment of fitness mats and 30mm jigsaw mats will not be our last. Ezymats is consistently bringing in more mats to satisfy our customers.

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