Martial Arts Mat For All Activities
interlocking foam mat green - yellow

Martial Arts Mat For All Activities

Whilst we often refer to EVA interlocking jigsaw mats as martial arts mats in truth they are suitable for many different activities. Every day we at Ezy Mats are bemused by the different applications our customer have for our mats. In the beginning I personally only thought of them being used for activities such as BJJ, judo, karate and to a lesser extent Kung Fu. But now I know how wrong I was to assume such a limited usage.

As I mention jigsaw mats are used by people of many different walks of life who seem to find an unlimited usage for EVA foam jigsaw mats. They have been bought by circus schools, kids day care centres, PT trainers and even people just wanting to put them in their living rooms to lye down on. Yes that is correct. There are even customers who use them as furniture. While we may find it crazy who are we to judge.

So next time you think about interlocking EVA jigsaw mats don’t just think martial arts. Rest assured they are applications you never ever thought of. As Roko would say “what the..”

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