Common Gym Mat Problems and Their Solutions

Common Gym Mat Problems and Their Solutions

Common Gym Mat Problems and Their Solutions

We sell excellent quality gym mats here at Ezy Mats, but frequent use and regular wear can take a toll on them. Proper care and maintenance is the key to extending the lifespan of your mats and keep them in good condition. Here’s a list of common gym mat problems and how you can overcome them without needing to replace the entire floor covering.

The mats are stiffer in some areas 

Mats will become stiffer if they’re saturated with dirt, debris, and stains. If you spill something on the mats and don’t clean them up immediately, the spilled drink will eventually dry up and damage the mat completely. The best way to deal with this problem is to clean the mat regularly and ensure there are no lingering traces of stains, dust, and debris. However, if the mats are too damaged, you can replace individual pieces to get the best results.

Mats are crumbling 

If the mats don’t bounce back into their original form and start to crumble under pressure, it’s time to replace them. These mats are too old and have started to lose their structural integrity. The more you use them, the more they will crumble now.

The mats have a bad odour 

When you exercise in your gym, some of your sweat will transfer the mats, especially when you lay down on it to perform crunches or yoga. If you don’t clean the gym mats regularly, they’ll eventually develop a bad odour because of all the bacteria and germ accumulated in them. Use a gentle anti-bacterial cleaner to remove the odour and germs.

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