Foam Mats For Training
Our jigsaw mats come in a variety of colours for your gym.

Foam Mats For Training

Foam mats is another name for EVA mats. Foam mats come in the form of jigsaw mats. So jigsaw mats and puzzle mats are often called foam mats. They are also referred to as EVA foam mats. One mats is referred to as a foam mat. More than one mat is called foam mats. So if you require a single mat you would come to Ezymats and say “give me one foam mats” or ” one interlocking foam jigsaw mat. If you needed more then one then you would require foam mats. That is you would require the plural of foam mat which is foam mats.

Generally a person would also be more specific and call them EVA foam mats. That is because they are both foam mats but also EVA. Hence the combination or EVA foam mats.

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