Video Of MMA Fighter Conor McGregor
Video Of MMA Fighter Conor McGregor

Video Of MMA Fighter Conor McGregor

Apparently a video has been released showing MMA fighter Conor McGregor allegedly grabbing a fans phone and smashing it on the ground. He is then seen stomping on the phone whilst his entourage blocks the alleged fan. McGregor was later arrested by the police and charged with numerous offences. He was release on bail pending further enquiries by the cops. This is the second time Conor has found himself in trouble after previously smashing a bus with UFC fighters on board. 

It is not clear how much time Conor has spent on MMA mats training nor what is upcoming fight will be. It has been sometime since he was seen training on MMA mats in the gym. It is not certain if he has a preference for training on MMA mats or jigsaw mats. What is certain is that he would need to train on some kind of training mat as a mixed martial artist. It is well know that mixed martial artists train on jigsaw mats and other kinds of surfaces. He has been seen around town travelling with his entourage.

Whilst the outcome of the latest incident is not know it can be assumed that the alleged victim might seek compensation for their smashed phone. Although the owner of the phone has expressed disappointment that a phone which had photos of his son on it is now gone including the photos. It would not be hard for Conor to replace the phone considering the reported $100M he received fighting Mayweather. Lets hope he replaces the fans phone.

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