Ezy Mats Moves Too Bigger and Better Warehouse
Ezy Mats moves to new warehouse in Braeside

Ezy Mats Moves Too Bigger and Better Warehouse

Ezy Mats Moves Too Bigger and Better Warehouse. We are pleased to announce that Ezy Mats has moved to a bigger warehouse and better premises in the Melbourne suburb of Braeside. The move from Cheltenham to Braeside has been undertaken so that we can better service our customers with mats. The new warehouse is much larger than the old one. Also the offices are bigger for our staff and there is more parking. All this put together means that we will be able to grow our offerings and improve on the customer experience.

We have already started ordering additional stock to improve availability. We just received a shipment of yoga mats and have a 40′ container coming packed with EVA jigsaw mats. In time we will expand with other mats such as rubber gym mats and German made MMA mats and tatami mats. So we are very excited about the future of Ezy Mats and its sister company Southern Cross Mats. Our staff are also very pleased with the move as it is a nicer office and the suburb is better.

We will always improve the customer experience. One way to do this is by having more mats so we always have stock. With a bigger and better warehouse we will be able to achieve this.

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