Vinyl Dumbbells – Pair (1KG-2KG-3KG)

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  • 1kg Pair: $13.95 per pair.
  • 2kg Pair: $28.95 per pair.
  • 3kg Pair: $38.50 per pair.

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Material:Cast Iron | Vinyl Coating

Weight:1kg | 2kg | 3kg


    The Morgan Vinyl Coated Dumbbells one of the most used and essential pieces of equipment. They can be found in any fitness studio, training centre or franchise gym operation. The vinyl coating on our dumbbells is far superior to neoprene coating which may split and wear very quickly compared to our superior product.

    Morgan Vinyl Coated Dumbbells use a high quality cast iron inner, ergonomically designed handles and hexagonal finishing at the ends makes these a great dumbbell for just about every use.

    • Made from high quality cast iron with a super thick vinyl coating.
    • Evenly weight balanced.
    • Ergonomically designed handles ensure they are easy to grip.
    • Dumbbells size increases with the weight.
    • Ideal for a wide variety of fitness and boxing class workouts.
    • Hexagonal shape to prevent the dumbbells from rolling away.

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    1kg, 2kg, 3kg


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