Morgan Cardio Cage-Fit MMA Bag

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  • Quantity 1-4 : $189.00 per unit.
  • Quantity 5-9 : $179.00 per unit.
  • Quantity 10+ : $175.00 per unit.



Material:950D ripstop vinyl

Weight:8kg | 12kg | 20kg


    The Morgan Cardio Cage fit MMA bag is designed to be used as an all-out ground and pound bag and cardio fitness training bag. The Morgan Cage fit MMA bag has been designed to be used in MMA style cardio training classes. The strategically located handles allow for the bag to be lifted like you would a sandbag or a barbell. It allows easy transitions into slamming the bag, dragging the bag, pounding the bag whilst on the floor. You can raise the bag over your head and just about any other way you would use a barbell, dumbbells and other functional fitness training equipment. The bag is made with 950D rip stop vinyl and filled in Australia using premium rags. This allows us to ensure that bag density is evenly balanced and resilient during the hardest of workouts.

    • Filled in Australia with premium rags.
    • Made from 950D ripstop vinyl .
    • Reinforced padded gripping handles.
    • 1.2m height x 30cm diameter (at thinnest point), 40cm diameter .(at thickest point), 10cm gap between handles.
    • Ground and pound.
    • Drag and pound.
    • Cardio cage fitness.
    • CrossFit workouts.
    • Pick – Drop – Pound Bag.

    Weight 20kg recommended for men, 12kg recommended for a woman, 8kg recommended for kids.

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    Additional information

    Weight N/A
    Dimensions 40 × 40 × 120 cm

    8kg, 12kg, 20kg


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