Pilates Mats

Pilates Mats

Ezy Mats supplies a range of quality pilates mats. Our pilates and yoga mat range are basically the same mats. The kind of mat you chose will depend on your requirements and skill. We have consulted with a number of yoga and pilates instructors to determine which mats are best suited for practitioners. That said we are continually researching new mats to add to our range which is why Ezy Mats is considered a premium supplier so browse our website to find out how our mats can help you.

Some of the mats in our range include the following.

PVC  Mats.

It is made from an PVC which is great for pilates practice. The ribbed surface makes them ideal for use on a slippery surface. They have good elasticity and are moisture resistant which makes it easy to clean. 

NBR Mats

It is made from an eco-friendly rubber material which is great for pilates. The ribbed surface provides an excellent anti-slip feature. The closed-cell foam has good elasticity and is moisture resistant which makes it easy to clean.

TPE Mats

Made from non-toxic, recyclable TPE material and comes complete with a carry strap for easy transport to classes at your local pilates studio. This 6mm mat provides extra cushioning and comfort. TPE Yoga a textured finish which gives you better grip and traction during yoga practice. 

When training it is important to have a got mat to train on. Any type of exercise can take its toll on the body so a good mat will help you train harder for longer. It shouldn’t be under-estimated the difference a good mat can have when it comes to pilates training.

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Pilates Mats

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