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    Grey MMA Zebra Mat


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    Up to 10 11-39 40-99 100+
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    Up to 10 11-39 40-99 100+
    $199.00 $193.50 $190.90 $188.20

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MMA Mixed Martial Arts Mats


Ezy Mats is a supplier of a large range of gym mats including  MMA mixed martial arts mats. Whether you require just one MMA mat or a lot of  mats then Ezy Mats has you covered. Our mats come in 40mm thickness and are 1m x 2m. They are available in both black and grey. Different colours can be ordered on special order

What is a MMA Mixed Martial Arts Mat


A MMA mat is a mat or set of mats used in mixed martial arts training. A mixed martial arts mat is made of a tough vinyl and have a compressed foam inner and non-slip back. The smooth surface of our mats is preferred by mixed martial arts practitioners as it reduces mat burn. These mats are easy to install.

Mixed Martial Arts Mats Uses


Our mixed martial arts mats are used all a cross-section of martial arts including judo, jiu jitsu, wrestling, karate, tae kwon do, kick boxing, kung fu, aikido etc. We also have tatami mats available for people who like the traditional feel of tatami.

Ezymats endeavour to be the most economical supplier of EVA Mats, MMA Mats and Tatami mats in Australia. Should you find cheaper mats elsewhere we promise to do our best to beat any reasonable quote for the same product.

Are MMA Mats like Zebra Mats™?

Strictly speaking no. Zebra Mats are a registered trademark of Zebra Inc. Our MMA mats are also manufactured in Germany but are a lower cost solution for mixed martial arts and grappling organisations. We closely supervise the manufacturing process to ensure the mats meet our strict quality standards.

Benefits Of MMA Mats

  • Easy to install
  • Made from smooth vinyl and compressed foam
  • Have a non-slip back
  • Duarable and easy to clean
  • Offer great protection and Comfort
  • Suitable for all forms of MMA martial arts

Contact Ezy Mats For Your Mats Needs

Please contact Ezymats before making your purchase from another supplier and you won’t be disappointment. Ezy Mats supplies a full range of gym mats. We are the preferred supplier of organisations throughout Australia.

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