Every Karate Kid Deserves Karate Mats
Every Karate Kid Deserves Karate Mats

Every Karate Kid Deserves Karate Mats

Every kid grew up watching the karate kid. He was a scrawny little weasel that some how got a girlfriend and found some old Japanese guy to teach him karate. Never mind that that Japanese guy was actually from Hawaii and used to play a cook on the series “Happy Days. Never mind also that even after learning karate the “karate kid” was still a skinny little kid that would blow over in the wind and couldn’t punch or kid to save his life. Still in the world of Hollywood that kid was able to beat a bunch of obviously more talented athletes to become the champion. It must be said that Every Karate Kid Deserves Karate Mats.

Reality is a bit different to Hollywood. In reality painting fences and washing cars won’t quite get you there. It takes true grit to make a champion and it helps to have the right equipment. It also helps to have good training partners because how else are you going to test your skills. When you are testing your skills it pays to be training with the right gear. That includes the right flooring. You need some good karate mats and to that end you would probably want to lean toward jigsaw puzzle mats. Indeed any karate school worthy of training at has good flooring. They need it to both attract and retain good student. So again every karate kid deserves karate mats.

In the olden days we used to just train on wooden floors. Back then you didn’t have jigsaw puzzle mats or karate mats or whatever. The wooden floors were what you trained on and if you didn’t like it then bad luck. I remember how daunting it was to train on them and the fear that you would fall down. Any exercise was inevitably more painful and it became a deterrent. It was easy for the instructor to tell you to drop and do twenty push ups or whatever, so long as he didn’t have to do it. Doing sit-ups was particularly painful as in those days you did full sit-ups and not just crunches like today. Training was a world of pain.

Those days are long gone today. Even a boxing gym these days has jigsaw puzzle mats. There is a recognition that if you can reduce unnecessary fatigue with for your students then you are more likely to retain them. Also there is nothing to gain from getting injured when you don’t need to. Having karate mats, gym mats or EVA jigsaw puzzle mats has become the norm and we can thank God for that. I would never go back to training on those wooden floors again. I doubt that anyone would put up with that these days.

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