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Technology Collection

Yatama Technology Leader in Promotional Products

Yatama Technology is a leading supplier of technology solutions to the promotional products industry. Yatama Technology has distributors located throughout Australia. Yatama Technology is a trusted supplier to promotional products companies, Marketing companies and advertising agencies.

Yatama Technology specialises in customised IT, electronics and other promotional products solutions. Yatama supplier an array of products including staples like USB flash drives, computer mice, USB hubs, smart phone accessories, lanyards, web keys, speakers, power banks, laser pointer, digital picture frames, travel adaptors and the list goes on and on.

Yatama is also a supplier of customised packaging solutions. Yatama’s packaging options are available for both their regular products and for any application required by customers.

Yatama’s generic websites include, Technology Collection (www.technologycollection.com.au), Lanyard Collection (www.lanyardcollection.com.au), Promo Speakers, (www.promospeakers.com.au) and Web Key Flyer (www.webkeyflyer.com.au).

Technology Collection

Yatama Technology

Yatama is a leading supplier of unique and innovative promotional products. We offer a large range of corporate gifts including branded IT products, electronics and accessories. We work with a vast array of promotional products distributors and resellers. Our extensive experience in providing customised products has made us a valuable resource in the promotional products industry.

Yatama offer our distributors access to our promotional gifts catalogue and generic websites. Both are frequently updated and refreshed with the latest products in the industry. Furthermore we offer complete product customisation of our catalogue items or bespoke according to custom requirements. We coordinate design, prototyping and production.

Yatama Australia is a trade only supplier. We are committed to the supplier / distributor model.

Please contact your promotional products supplier if you have any questions about our products. Yatama distributors are trusted distributors.