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New Shipment of Hand Sanitiser Arrived in Melbourne

New Shipment of Hand Sanitiser Arrived in Melbourne

We are glad to announce that a new shipment of hand sanitiser  arrived Melbourne today so place you order now. It is now unloaded and ready for dispatch. We have purchased a large range of bottle sizes which give customers a lot of options. Our range of hand sanitiser is great for use in your home, office, training centre or store. The size that we have in stock now include:

Specifications are:

  • Active Ingredient:75% ethyl alcohol.
  • Inactive Ingredients: Acrylic polymer, Glycerol, Aloe Vitamin E.
  • Ingredients label on back

Our hand sanitiser can come with our generic labels or can also be labeled with your logo or message. Our sister company, Brand Republic, deals with personalisation of products. Personalisation is their specialty and is a great way to promote a brand.

Ezy Mats will continue to replenish its stock of hand sanitiser and other personal care products. We also stock anti-bacterial wipes which can also be labelled with a sticker. The new shipment of hand sanitiser arrived Melbourne with not be the last. We will continue to stock it as long as it is in demand.

Wall Mats and wall padding

New Shipment of Wall Mats in Melbourne

Ezymats has just received a new shipment of wall mats in our Melbourne warehouse. We have new stock of blue wall mats which are now available for purchase. If you require wall mats the place your order now as they are unlikely to last. Demand for wall mats is high and Ezymats is one of the only supplier to have them in stock.

What are wall mats?

Wall mats are also referred to as wall padding. This is a logical term to use as they pad the wall. Hence there other name which is wall pad. Therefore they are called:

  • Wall Pad
  • Wall Padding
  • Wall Mats


Our wall pads consist of:

  • timber backing
  • compresses inner foam
  • vinyl cover

They are easy to install and have a lip on either end so that they can be attached to the wall. Wall padding is a great way to make your training area safer. People often think about protecting against impact with the floor but neglect to think about the walls. Training participants are just as likely to bump into walls as they are fall so it is an important thing to take into consideration.

Wall padding can also improve the look of your training area. They offer a consistent colour all around the walls and also make your training area, school or dojo look more professional. Also students will appreciate the fact that you take safety seriously. You can also print your logo on the wall pads for added impact.

So if you are looking at installing wall pads then look no further. As well as stock items we can also special order mats if you require a specific colour.

Other mats that we have available include:

  • EVA Mats
  • Tatami Mats
  • MMA Mats

Contact Ezymats for your next fit out.

Ezy Mats is a premium supplier of floor mats and wall mats.